Stuck like a beach whale

Hi everyone

I don't often post on here but I love reading your posts as it does help me a lot. So I'm hoping you can come up with some ideas. I sleep sitting up to ease pain in my hips and back but as the night goes on I'm slipping down and get stuck I can't roll and I'm like a beached whale which is the best description I can think of, the pain is excruciating and I have to get help to get back up does ne one know of ne gadgets or ideas to stop me slipping down in the first place. Wishing you all a merry and pain free Christmas and new year x

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  • Others have posted about a bed pad that helps with that. I think it was called a snozle but for some reason that doesn't sound right. I am sure others will be more help. Hang in there


    But it's to make it easier to move in bed! Sorry what can I say fog makes things hard to remember .

  • Thank you and merry Christmas x

  • Hi cdl67

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. There are quite a few gadgets about such as a 'Bed Caddie' and the bed caddie makes it easier to sit up in bed unassisted. Or a 'Multi-Way Bed Wedge', a foam wedge cushion which can be used to support either your back or legs. Or a 'Foot Board' that stops you slipping down the bed. Or maybe a 'Swing Support' which would be a wall mounted support that you grab hold of. There are plenty more things like this around.

    However, many of them are quite expensive, so it may be an idea to approach your local council authority and ask for an 'Occupational Health Assessment' whereby somebody would come to see you and assess your difficulties and then the council pays for this equipment. The other alternative is an electric adjustable bed. I have one of these and they are really good but they are very expensive also.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Yea I knew I could count on you!!!

  • You are so kind x

  • Wow so much help so quick thank you I'll look into these suggestions thank you again x

  • I wish I knew a way to help you x

  • Thank you I'm sure there will be a way we can help each other in the future merry Christmas xx

  • Everything that I have found talks about what Ken said sleep tight thingy. Sorry for not helping more

  • Thank you ne help is appreciated merry Xmas xx

  • Hi I suffer from back pain and hips due to them thinning, I looked in charity shops or online and I got 2 6ftx3ft electric beds ( that I gave away πŸ˜”) but I only paid Β£180 for both and they was the best beds I've ever brought, has you probably know the back comes up and you can just play with the controls until your comfy, shame I never see you struggle earlier coz I gave mine away, and your always get them good from charity shops or big stores for disabled people coz Normandy the elderly have them and God bless there souls there not in them very long, ( feel terrible saying that) but my 2 was immaculate...... Don't know where you live and I hardly leave my flat due to ill health but I can always keep a look out for you and ask friends to as well, I have seen loads going second hand and it was the best Β£180 I've spent and going to charity , cancer support so it was good all round, hope that helps good luck and if I come across some like ASAP I will let you know

    Merry Christmas,love & peace Claire xxx

  • Thank you that's very kind of you merry Christmas to you

  • I have excruciating pain upon movement too in bed! I even yell out due to the pain. I'm sorry,I don't have any solutions but,would love some too. Wanted to reply so you would know you are not alone in it and that's one of the the reasons I don't look forward to going to bed. Hopefully someone else has an idea or two for you!

  • Thank you your very kind merry Xmas xx

  • Hi. Sorry you are having problems. The Community Occupational Therapists got me some foam wedges. Once I am in position the wedges are pushed in around me to keep me in place. It's worth asking them if this would work for you. Good luck.

  • Thank you I've managed to get appointment the earliest they can do is Feb it seems so far away but I've waited till now so a bit longer is nothing merry Christmas x

  • What we've done for both my Dad and my hubby is put pillows or styrofoam padding under the lower half of the mattress so it's lifted up enough that you can't slip down into it. You're now propped up in the upper half and also from the lower half. You can't go anywhere!! You stay in place. Also, you can buy triangular pillows, quite large, online, for propping underneath a mattress to do this kind of thing. If I can get a website name from my sister, I'll post it. She finds all kinds of handy aids online.

  • I guess I'm repeating what has already been said. My bad.

  • Thank you I'd really appreciate that merry Christmas x

  • These are great ideas thank you all merry Christmas x

  • Hi cd167, I hope you are able to find somthing to help you, I can relate to Back & Hip pain. I put an extra Mattress on my bed so not too low to get on, and then for sleep, I put 5 pillows together 1straight at back then 2 as a Triangle then another vertical in the middle. And somtimes I add a further one slightly under my bottom to stop me slipping down. Bit I move around around so much, because can't get comfy, but it does help a bit. Merry Christmas to you to & a happy new Year.xx

  • Hi I had the same problem, got myself a ring pad for wheel chair users it's flatter than usual donut shaped pads, it does a treat, just put it under your posterior and you will stay put!! have a nice Christmas. oh! they sell it in disability shops.

  • As our friends have suggested , it would be good if you could be assessed by an OT, they will offer support and make recommendations of the best suitable aids to help you manage better :) xx Phone the Socia work department and make an appointment for a home visit, you may have to wait several weeks for a visit but it will be worth it :) xx

  • Hi I've made appointment there's a bit of a wait but I I'm sure its worth it merry Christmas x

  • That's grand news, at least you,ve started the ball rolling, The very best of luck my friend and I wish y0u a Happy and Merry Christmas :) xxxx

  • Well just as it's Christmas i reckon get them to tie you to bed posts with tinsel ...cdl67....only joking before anyone shouts at me. Hope it made you smile thou....Freegle and freecycle have had electric beds on in the past where I am in kent...i would ask to be assessed thou as state may help by providing one...i know a relation of mine had one by the state but was life limited circumstances there so don't know what their criteria is etc...

    wishing you a very happy xmas good luck

  • Thank you I guess this will be the final goals merry Christmas xx

  • I find that a firm pillow under my knees helps s little. Just enough to keep my knees bent which keeps me from slipping down some

  • Until you find something better try a pillow or two under the mattress at the head and foot end - making the mattress a bit like a hammock which helps. 😊

  • Hi πŸ™‹

    I too sleep sitting up and for ages I too slipped down the bed so now I have 2 soft pillows under my knees and I put a sheet of that rubber grip stuff you put under rugs on wood floors to stop them slipping this stops the leg pillows moving I got mine in pound land and in the winter when my feet are cold I wear a pair of slipper socks with the rubber grips on the bottom this helps too and I find these things very effective and they don't cost much. Good luck πŸ€ and Merry Christmas πŸŽ…

    Fluffy πŸŽ„ πŸŽ…β›„

  • I can only lie on my right side holding on to a firm pillow at my side. to move I often have to pull myself up from the metal headboard .

  • Thank you all very much for your help and suggestions and I wish you all a merry Christmas and new year xx

  • I have a bed lever supplied by occupational health services. It doesn't stop me slipping but if I do I can get back up again easily. It fits between the bed base and mattress, you can't feel it and it also helps with getting on and off the bed and turning over. It looks like a large L.

    I left it behind when I went away and bought a replacement for about 70 pounds. (Worth every penny) Don't forget any aid you buy you don't pay VAT. Some sales people will not tell you this, (I wonder if they keep the VAT part, my, how suspicious am I?) You just sign a declaration, or if you order anything online, just tick the box. See GOV.UK website, if you are unsure.

  • I am genuinely delighted to read that you have got yourself an appointment with an Occupational Therapist, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x :)

  • Can't help with that but have you thought of a massage pad for your bed or chair to help with pain. .

    I have just treated myself to a massage pad to on my chair , and a massage pillow for my bed

    As I am not sleeping due to pain πŸŽ…πŸŽ„β˜ƒ

    There is an on line site with 50% off some today Christmas Eve if anyone wants details pm and I will send link 😊

  • Yes please could you send me the link x

  • Merry Christmas to you too! I hope you are able to have some comfort for a bit.

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