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Sense of humour failure

Sense of humour failure

Ok i know i am known mainly on here for being silly and stupid with my own threads .... but i do take seriously the questions and blogs of members who are upset angry confused etc and its not often I have a rant on here but I thought today would be a good time to have one...

Two items....

One.... I switch on the news and its all about the new PIP benefit ...which is going to be much harder to claim ... Despite us being told so many times it will make things easier and fairer..... Now its come into force it won't be much easier at all......

Two..... Inbetween the news comes an advert for a new comedy show .... Called the Job Lot..... Set in Job centre .... It features the stupid staff the overbearing staff one who has just come back from maternity leave and is emotional.. The man who chases up the benefit frauds... And the people coming for interveiws... Well in the advert it was the stereotypical parody of a man who had never had a job in his life and was acting like a Neolithic cave man who hadnt quite got the grasp of the English language.... So that's how people who come up with COMEDY choose to portray the unemployed.... As a JOKE ....and I wonder how long it will be before they throw in a disabled person for people to laugh at as they struggle to get to the job centre let alone get an interveiw to get a job.....

I may have lost my sense of humour ... I will check the bedroom later ... But I don't think this is going to be a comedy at all and to announce its going to be on soon right in the break in the news that has been all about PIP and benefit losses...


A furious fibromite


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Morning hunni. Well it must be bad if it causes you to have a rant! I'm helping my friends mum through the minefield that is dla at the moment and its a nightmare. I don't really know anything about pip, only what I've read on here really so I can't comment....BUT, this so called comedy about a job centre sounds like typical tv these days, total trash and is stereotyping jobless people in my view. Genuine job seekers who are desperate to get back to work must have a hard enough time as it is being tarred with the same brush as the "Jeremy kyle generation" as it is without this rubbish! Which channel is it on because if they dare include a disabled person in this trash then I think we should all be up in arms, firing off letters of complaint!

Oh and one more thing......I know everyone will agree when I say that you do take members problems and questions extremely seriously and do a wonderful job, along with the rest of admin and volunteers and its not said enough on here but we all do appreciate everything you do for us....Thank You.

Much love.....Charlii xx


Hi Charlii thanks for that ... This is why despite someone advocating PIP recently ... I kept chipping in saying please apply now before dla changes over. If you think dla is hard that is nothing to what PIP is going to be like.. And it's seems to be true... The programme The Job Lot will be shown on Thursday nights at 8.30 pm on ITV soon..... I couldn't believe the trailer for this so called comedy ... And if you live in Birmingham where it is set and are out of work or are in the WRAG group I feel very sorry for you as this is where they have chosen to portray the unemployed


It's disgraceful that they should show a program like this at such a sensitive time. For once words have failed me, as well as my sense of humour.

It's all being done to please the 'fat cats' and to appease their consciences - if they have any!

Moffy x


well VG it is true and i was having a conversation not so long back with friends about well might as well just take the pee out of Disabled and put them on show.

it is like the Disability i hold or is it a disability i do not know yet as not been awarded as yet. But Benign hypermobility syndrome (EDS) because we are so flexible and can do things that average human can not do like those that put feet over head and bend in such ways you not see normal (i am one of these ppl but not quite to some extremeties) however the circus used us and then like me your friends think its fascinating because of your flexibility, but now ...yes now well i am in no fit state to walk at a normal pace let alone do any of the flexible things anymore i have had it allll taken away and i would like to be a prime example of what can happen and they say if you 'over use'

Same with small people how they are laughed at yet in films etc .

This can be said for many many things and yes you may as well throw some one in .

It is a cruel no matter what really..

xxx caroline


How insensitive can tv makers be ? I don't watch a lot of tv, but this would be one thing I would avoid on principal, how dare they make a comedy out of such a serious situation, and at this, of all times ! as Moffy says, the fat cats and appeasing what is left of their consciences ! Foggy x


I was watching the BBC News this morning, and they were talking about the new benefits with a woman from the CAB, and a chronic fatigue sufferer, with related chronic pain and one-sided weakness. I looked at her and thought 'she really doesn't look ill', and I know that's what everyone must be thinking when they see us. She is ill, very clearly, and when she described her symptoms, people like us understand exactly the sort of things she struggles with on a daily basis, but an outsider, looking at her with her carefully applied make-up, well-chosen clothes, sees just a youngish woman 'who's probably just too lazy to get off her **** and work'. Such a scary, depressing thought. :( xx


I don't think you have lost your SOH VG, you are seeing things the way they are and it is very depressing having to face an uncertain future, wondering if you will be able to survive the next round of cuts.

On the news where I am they are talking about the demise of Thatcher, she died today having suffered a stroke.


Yes that was a bit of a surprise though she had been in ill health .. It was just pure chance I put the itv news on this morning and literally they were discussing PIP and how much harder it would be to qualify then straight to adverts and this new 6 part COMEDY announced.... The timing was just awful


Put it this way i will NOT be watching it!!!! xxx


I don't know if you have noticed, but it seems to be claimants in England that get the most flak, Scotland has totally rebelled against the cuts, it has become a Tory no go zone. I am not sure what Wales is doing, keeping their heads down I suppose.


This new tv prog is totally inappropriate and appallingly insensitive, especially when so many people are suffering and being disadvantaged......but are we surprised ?

I haven't been on this site for long but I have to say Very-Grumpy that you always answer other members questions when you can and are full of consideration and good common sense.


Thank you very much :)


Hi What is a typical benefit claimant I wonder, I am sure none of us on here are what is considered typical. I have a degree, own my own house and never for one minute imagined I would exist on sickness benefits and neither do I think anyone else could, despite the Govt's assertions that benefits should not be a lifestyle choice.

Seriously who leaves school at 16 and decides that living on the pittance that is ESA or JSA makes a great a career choice. How stupid do they think we are? I can't imagine anyone choosing this life. I would give anything to have my health back so I could work. Sick and tired of the Philpott's of this world tarnishing the rest of us.


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