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what are tfts blood tests and thyroid peroxidase letter from doctors this morning to have theses done?

I have recently been diagnosed with fm...I had some bloods taken at the start of the week at my local surgery with regard to another complaint ie bowel problem and have have received a letter back this morning that i have to go back and have tfts repeated and thyroid peroxidase antibody any ideas as to what this is?

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TFTs are thyropid function tests


I think the other one is to test re autoimmune conditions that primarily involve the thyroid gland but it could be another reason re another autoimmune condition


hi, i have hypothyroidism and fibro, my gp, when i was first diagnosed with hypo said my hip/back pains etc can be symptom of thyroid problems especially autoimmuneconditions as

Frankie has mentioned. it seems he is testing you for this. take care,


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