Morning All well it would be if I could stay awake this is so unlike me. I keep dropping off as I read - I have to stop start again and I

have cleansed my glasses so many times it is ridiculous - one minute I am happily reading the next I am a sleep.

So I suspect I shall retire to bed and see how I am in a couple of hours. Must admitt this has not happened to me for weeks, May be I a am due or is it the wraps? They have certainly made me wee.

Now where was I sorry brief pause dog brought a bird for me to exchange for biscuits.

Right decision made breakfast coffee and back to bed see you all later.

night night xgins

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  • Morning gins sorry to hear you are having rough time, hope you are feeling better by the time you getup again, I don't feel like getting up,that's only so I feel lazy but I am going with Maureen for her to have scan on her heart at 11.30 so best I move my sorry backside and get ready lol, catch u later..sending you hugs and. Handful of sunshine hopefully to cheer u up....take care...Dee xxx

  • What a wonderful friend you are dee,hope it goes well for her xxx

  • Aww gins,poor you! Iam also not having a good day,Iam in bed at mo myself.Hope you feel better later xxx

  • Yow Cupcakes! I feel a bit better now thanks for thinking of me. Hope you are all feeling brighter too. Have you seen the advert where the young guy says "Yow Cupcakes" in a brummy accent it is so funny love it :D xgins

  • Hope you are beginning to feel a bit better now gins.



  • Hi gins :)

    Last week I nodded off like that and spilt a cup of coffee all over me and the bed :o

    Fortunately none of it hit my OH's laptop :o

    Hope you feel energised after your sleep and sending fluffies your way :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi, I get this occasionally and I've learned just to go with it! I'm sure it's just our bodies taking over and forcing us to rest. If, like me, you have quite a few sleepless nights, then it's no wonder we have to catch up sometime.

    Jenni. X.

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