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Visit the HealthUnlocked office

Hello HealthUnlockers! 

We are continuously making strides to improve your experience and as part of this we looking to introduce a few new features to the website.

You’re invited to come to the HealthUnlocked office near London Bridge next week to test these new features before they are released. We’re very flexible with timing and can welcome you at anytime during normal business hours between Tuesday January 14th and Friday January 17th.

We will ask you to navigate around the website and let us know what you think. It shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes.

 Reasonable travel expenses will, of course, be covered.

Please get in touch with us through our Contact 

Us form and select ‘Feedback’:

Ensuring you have the best possible experience on HealthUnlocked is a priority for us so your feedback is crucial as we develop new features.

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can you remove the "read next" section please? it's so annoying!


Couldn't agree more sandra, it serves no useful purpose whatsoever and confuses newer members who reply not realising the posts may be a year or more old. Please, please let it go back to as it was previously, I have not heard of one single person who thinks it is a good idea !! :o

Foggy x


Hi sandra99b and Fibrofoggiest,

Thank you for your feedback. We are continuing to make improvements to ensure the suggestions in the Read Next section are more relevant to members.

We of course warmly welcome your feedback and I've already shared it with the team.

Thank you, as always, for being part of HealthUnlocked

Best Regards,


HealthUnlocked Communities Team


Yes I agree with the comments made.I found it very confusing and didn't know what it was for as the posts were old ones xx



I also do not like the 'Read Next' feature. As well as the confusion it causes (going to much older posts) it also splits up the conversation, which I find really off-putting.

I do not live near enough to visit the healthUnlocked Office, but hope that the feedback on here will be taken into account during any redesign of the site.

I will say congrats on providing the forum though. I appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into the design and creation of such a facility.



Personally I think its the positioning of the "Read Next" Box that is the bad design. Why not put it at the bottom of the thread so that people can finish reading the content, comment on it and then read whats in the box and move into it.

I find it strange that HU is encouraging us to read something and click on another thread before we have even read the comments on the thread we have come to in the first place!

There is such a huge gap between the original Question or Post and the place where the comments start. Then you are expected to read them all, and then scroll back up to leave a comment. Why isn't the comment box at the bottom of the replies?

It just makes more sense to move these boxes, if they are here to stay, to the bottom of the thread rather than the top. Just my 4 pennies worth!


I agree, you think you are going to read some helpful comments then you get sidetracked on to another thread.

I have been caught out several times on threads that are more than a year old. If HU can't put them at the bottom, (and I realise with a lot of posts people might not get to the bottom,) why not have them along the side, with a dateline?

I realise that some of the questions seem to come round pretty consistently and I guess that is the reason for the similar threads, but many times these members are not posting any more so it seems a bit pointless to carry on an old thread when it cannot be answered.

I do read some of the old posts, (I'm a bit nosy like that :) ) It's so annoying when you don't know what happened next !! :) :)


Good point I have said that to myself too :) xx


Happy New Year HU

I wasn't going to reply but changed my mind

I agree with everyone else regarding the 'read next' as I have been caught out twice by it too and its really frustrating.

However, having them archived is a good idea. For instance, the other day Mdaisy replied to a thread of conversation with a link to an earlier post from 6 months ago, which was really beneficial to the thread of conversation. Therefore I foresee a challenge ahead in finding a solution to this issue.

I don't live near London but would have been tempted to pop in and look around

:) xxxsianxxx :)


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