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ATOS, I want to thank you for all your care

It must have been so hard for you

To mess my WCA appointment up

Not just one time, but two.

It was nice that you claimed to see

Me walking from the bus stop

Straight into your tatty looking building

I never, I went into the coffee shop

I thankyou for claiming I could hear you

When you opened the door and called my name

But I have to tell you were right

I was the only one there, if it is all the same

I want to thankyou for stating that

I could crouch without a hitch

If I had I would have hit the floor

This Fibro really is a b***h

I would like to thank you for

saying I was lying about the Emphysema

You say you listened to my lungs

If you had I feel sure I would have seen ya

And I must thank you also

For saying you tested my eyes

You never even mentioned the chart

Sorry this is a blatant pack of lies

But most of all I want to say

How pleased I really am

To know one visit with ATOS

gets our health out of a jam

I want to thankyou for all your help

I am blessing you for sure

You really must have healing hands

So thankyou for the cure

I want to thankyou you too

For making me seek more

I took it right to appeal

Told I would win for sure

And JUDGES, though so independant

The judging seemed a tad unfair

But then you turned me down as well

Don't sit and say you care

So now I say to the DWP

I really hope your happy too

Because from me you managed to

save a healthy quid or two

And to our present government

Who cares not what goes wrong

Send the sick all out to work

It could be you before too long

But then it matters not

Your bank accounts are healthy

To makes thing even worse for us

We can see that you're all wealthy

Disabled people are the least bitter

We prove that through and through

We are not the leeches on society

That job. Dear government, falls solely to you!

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Fantastic ditty

Very witty

And yes you're right... this government & ATOS

they're completely SH1TTY!!



Lol, maybe we should all write poems and dedicate them to the governmewnt xxx


you should send that to the goverment never a truer word written in rhyme well donexx


Oh don't you worry I bet the government have their spies watching sites like this lol. We cannot get away with being honest can we xxxxx


so true ozzygirl! how can it make me laugh and smile while sad at the same time?




It is a fact of life hun, if we did not laugh we would cry. I know I do from time to time xxxxx


Wow this is fantastic.. well done you.. and so sorry for all your pain.. We need to a form of petition or something to get all of this out... nicely is correct... We need to shout from the rooftops.. damn just the awareness... we need to shout the silent scream so its heard.

Love x


As far as I know there is an e-petition going for this. I vaguely remember signing it, cannot remember where it was now, but I am sure if you ask, someone will direct you to it. Failing that, type fibromyalgi e-petition in your browser bar xxxxx


Thank you ~ done and put a link on blog post here.. ;-) x


You are very good at writing poem Ozzygirl, love it, we should write a book of poems about our treatment by the powers that be, and let everyone try and write one that tells their plight so far, and at the back of the book, write the faux pas of the powers that deny us a basic living to allow us to buy disabled ware for ourselves and houses, so as to be able to live more easily, so as not to make us feel so bad about ourselves, and our lives, anyway back to reality you are very good ! so keep it up xxx


sorry forgot the s in poems


I agree, Iahte the way I was made to feel guilty for having an illness like this xxxxx


absolutely awesome!!!


Thankyou sleepy2 lol. I enjoyed writing it and did not have to think about it either, anger made it flow lol.


Brilliant. Witty, sarcastic,funny, truthful and so damn sad. The plight of the fibro suffer so eloquently written by someone who clearly lives with the pain and suffering on a daily basis and who has like soooooo many others on here fallen foul of the messed up and soul destroying benefits system. Amazing talent l! Thank you for the giggle :-))

Dixie x


Hey Dixie, I am so glad it made you giggle. I know our plight is not something to be laughed at in any way at all, but the sarcasm is directed at all the no marks getting a good wage for throwing us into something we just cannot do xxxxx


Brilliant xx


Thankyou SQ, I enjoyed writing it and no doubt as I have in the past I will come up with a few more xxxxx


I loved it. a clever mix of sarcasm, wit, and most of all TRUTH. that should be the "Fibro anthem". As if we havent got enough to cope with, they throw this crap at us too. Lets keep fighting back. Well done you.xx


I focused on the sarcasm lol. It makes me a feel a whole lot better about things xxxxx


That's 1 heck of a talent you've got there. Warning:- Before you know it, ATOS, DWP etc. will have you down as freelance/self-employed poet! Every time you think they've just about reached the limit, they just go and prove you wrong. For them it's win-win and for you it's lose-lose!


Oops, I never thought of that. So if they are spying I openly admit I have never written a poem in my life lol xxxxxx


What poem? :)


lol xxxxx


wow i like that


Glad you liked it BB, I was hoping it would cheer a few of us up on here that are going through the hell of the illness itself, without the government making us feel guilty for it xxxxx


well done you.. and so sorry for all your pain


Ah well, unless they screw around with the benefits I am on now I should be okay for a while. And when they do I will just reclaim ESA lol xxxxx


Hi. Ive just reclaimed ESA, but theyre really draggin it out with paying me.its been 7 weeks since i claimed. they omitted to tell me i had to fill in a form because i work 5 hours a week...yes, 5 whole hours!! they told me theyd sent it to me. BIG FAT LIE. i eventually got it, filled it in and sent it back next post. now they want a sick note. that in itself is a major performance to get it to them. phone them for an appointment to take it to the jobcentre for them to email the sick note to ESA. each time theyve not paid me, ive had to phone them to ask why not and theyve come up with this bull****. its cost me £18 in calls. and i still havent been paid.i have to borrow bus fare to go to the jobcentre. i hope thats guna be it then.i'll be SOOOOO annoyed if anything else stops me being paid. Sorry to bring the good mood down.write another poem. do it regularly, so we have a laugh to look forward to.xx Carol


Yes I know what it is like, they even tried to tell one of our members she could not reclaim ESA for the same illness as before. To me this is blatantly lying to delay peoples claims. I would ask them for the cost of your phone calls too. How are you supposed to pay bills with no money coming in. I have been okay changing my claim and the staff treated me like royalty, even taking me to my upstairs appointment inthe staff lift because I was in so much pain and exhausted from walking down there. Some of the staff do care and show it, others do not, and this is bad. I think we all deserve some compassion xxxxx


brilliant! well done you for taking the time to show them the light :) xx


Glad you enjoyed it. I am currently having a good think about the next one lol xxxxx


That's brilliant I think you should send it to your local paper x


My bravery stops at having Fibro amongst other illnesses hun lol xxxxx


Brilliant x


Awfully sad but true.Always ask at the phonecall stage to have it recorded funded by DWP it is your legal right,they must do it, and they must give you a copy before they leave your home.If you record it you must furnish them with a copy,this is beyond most peoples expertise being as you have to use a certified sound engineer if you do it yourself..With a sound recording it is harder for these so called medics to omit,embellish,misinterpret?. (see how diplomatic im being ),your words.Also at appeal it helps prove what has gone on although is not permissible evidence the judge can listen to it .Often its just the judges believe authority over the plebs.


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