Send me your stories :) ( PLEASE ) :)

Hi all, as most of you know i have been writing a few stories of some of my day to day living Experiences, the ups and the downs of living with fibro and trying to do day to day tasks, i am thinking about writing a few more stories as time goes by, Maybe even write a book. so what i was thinking is asking all of my friends on this wondeful site to send me there stories of there ups and downs so i can include some of them in my litte book...

Is this a good idea???? if you feel it is and would like to send me your stories for me to include please send them to my inbox on here, as well as puting them on the site.

I would realy value your imput :)

Happy writting :)


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  • just a day or a big chunk of living with fibro :)

  • you can write as much or as little as you feel :)

    I know it takes me along time to write my stories :)

  • There is no rush for anybody to write and send me stories, i will be her for a long time LOL :)

  • ok i will try :)

  • Thank you Lynz, its very much appreciated :)

  • One thing I`ve noticed Chorley is some people have had traumatic lives I know I have.So if it goes to your message box is it as private as possible.I think the way you write and the stories we have you definately have a book there.

    Hugs xxx Butterfly54 :-)

  • Hi Butterfly i understand about how private it is, that is why i would never put anything into any kind of book or show any stories without permission pluss i would never divulge anybodys names :) :)

  • Hi chorley thats a good idae well done you, i hope that you get lots of different tales to tell and your book comes to life it is a lovely idea (do we get a cut of the sales ) lol and you forgot to run that one by me i thought i was you pa??? lol only joking thats good will try and get something to you . Good luck and love to you and yours Diddle x

  • HAHAHA Diddle a cut of the profits, i wish, so far i have only had 1 story and that was from you, nobody else so far has wantes to share there expeiriance of living with fibro :)

  • Hi Peeps Julie here

    Thanks for the encouragement and support you have given Neil on this idea of his, Christine I sincerely hope it will keep him out of trouble hes such a tearaway lmao.

    I also believe its a wonderful idea as 12 months ago we had no idea what was wrong with him and yes even I thought he may be overplaying it at times. Obviously now a year on and diagnosed I fully understand and back him 100%, a book could give others suffering in silence hope as they realise there are many other people out there going through the same nightmare

    I will also give him my side of living with fibro as the ever suffering downtrodden mental wife : )


  • Hi Chorley & Julie, great idea. I was diagnosed, (Dec 2011) After a couple of years of wondering what was wrong. This site has been so much help, but think a book of fibro stories would be a great idea, i love reading your pieces , you are a natural story tellers. I'll write a piece for you but give me the wkend when i have a spare hr or 2, lol. Heads all a fuzz after a day at work. Lou

  • Short story by Penny Evans

    I got a divorce, too. My husband couldn’t cope. My new husband is fibromyalgia !

    Ps this is plagiarized ...

  • yes defo be the weekend for me too but i will try :)

  • Hi Chorley, I'll write a story for you...will do that tonight.

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