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Rambling Thoughts

Last night there was a lot of unpleasantness here on the forum. For those of you who missed it, consider yourselves lucky!

I've been a member here for quite a while, and this is not the first time something like this has happened. Sadly, I doubt it will be the last.

According to the directory, there are over 6000 members of this site - which shows a number of things: It fills a need. It is strong. There are a lot of people who need information and support about this illness. There are a lot of people who probably just read what others post without posting themselves, and if this helps them in some way, then that's great.

Sadly, there are currently 2 volunteers, and 4 admin to support the members who use this site. This, in my opinion, is not enough. Why?

Because: these people all have fibro themselves, so they have good days and bad days, and if they all had bad days together - where would we be? The site is very active and reading and responding to all the posts is time consuming and tiring. Because no-one can please all of the people all of the time, and because variety is the spice of life. I think we need more volunteers and admin to share the load.

I have thought about volunteering. Unfortunately my time commitments in the real world do not allow it. When possible I do respond to blogs and questions. As do quite a few other people. But of the 6000+ of us, really not that many who are regularly active.

In the time I have been a member here I have seen volunteers and admin come and go. Some I feel I have come to know a bit. Some, not so much. Some I have really appreciated for the way in which they respond to blogs and questions. Some not so much. This is probably true for you too. You have warmed to some people more than others. But If i were to name those I liked more, and those I liked less, you might not agree. That's because you and I are different, with different needs, and different perceptions. And that is OK. But that is precisely why we need more people to be more active here.

I for one, appreciate all the effort that is put in on my behalf by ALL the volunteers and the admin team - past, present and future. And I would like to say thank you ALL - without you there would be no site.

I would also like to thank every member, past, present and future, for the support, encouragement, and caring that you have contributed to the site, to me personally, or to others which I have felt part of.

I wish I could give back more, but at this time I can't. But if anyone reading this feels that they can, then I would encourage you to give it a go. This site won't run itself. We need YOU! Please, if you have never posted, do so. If you don't respond to other posts, do so. If you do often post, think about volunteering. The site will only survive when it has a strong team to run it. And the more people there are in that team, the easier it will be for them, and the more chance there is that EVERY member will find someone they warm to.

So, to Lindsey, Simon, Reay, Mdaisy, Ladymoth, and V-G - Thanks for the site, thanks for the support, thanks for all your hard work, and I hope last night's events have not upset you all too much!


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Well said !! xgins


Heartfelt thanks Kazf for a truly impartial, sensible and sensitive post. I don't know what we would do without the many members like yourself who keep everything balanced and reasonable.

Unfortunately on the internet, a small, maybe very real grievance can be escalated into an unpleasant mob attack, and it happens too frequently.

Fortunately there are means to deal with it if we all keep a clear head.

Thanks once again - you are a real friend indeed!

Moffy x


Thank you kazF we were here till gone 1 am ... I NEVER complain about my illness on here except to mention it as in I know how you are feeling but today I am in the most horrendous flare due to the unpleasantness and I have a pain management apppt at the hospital today... It would be funny it if wasnt so tragic. Once again a very small minority seemed intent to find fault with everything that has gone on or was being posted despite a couple of them being given hours of our time in previous threads in the last few days... I can't type anymore I am in too much pain but thank you for your open letter of support.. We all give our time freely and do it to the best of our ability and we hope some of the things we do help just one person in some way

VG x


Some if what you have said i agree with some not,it is always the same people commenting on each others posts as is evident in your previous replies! This is unacceptable so you do not understand how others are feeling seeing as though you are in the circle so to speak,if less time was spent on frivolous matters and more on those who need support etc then perhaps the balance would shift to s more equal place for everyone.


Apologies this windows phone keeps putting the wrong letters in for my words !


You do not know me, so please don't judge me!

If you feel the forum needs more / new / different voices, then be one of those voices. But if you are just going to attack other members then please don't bother.

You say I don't know how other people feel. That's true. I know how I feel. No-one ever really knows how another person feels. Not me, not you. We can empathise. We can imagine how we would feel in the same situation, we can remember how we have felt at times in the past. So you don't know how I feel.


Whoa kaz hun u are engaging let it go


Thanks. You're right. :-)


Kaz I totally agree with what you said. I try to reply on posts too when I can. I missed what went on last night too, internet like texts can be taken out of context.

I have thought of being a volunteer also but am currently trying to see if I have enough time to devote to being able to do this.

This is why I appreciate admin and volunteers, past and present. They respond and try to give reassurance to others having a tough time or finding information on various questions.

Keep up the good work. Don't let others drag you down.



Thank you. I hope you find you do have enough time to give. If there were more people involved each would have to give less, so eventually even I would think I have enough time!

Hopefully we will all now get back to being supportive in our own unique ways!



Hi to all

As I have said I have nothing but admiration for the admin and Volunteers as like Jo I have thought about volunteering but I am to unreliable to do it and that honestly takes some admitting.

I do try to have some positive input when I can and if I can. Some things that are asked are beyond my experience and some things I form a reply to and when I read it through it just does not make sense to me let alone anyone else.

Basically I want to thank all who post on here and I do agree things KazF has said thank you to all you admin and Volunteers for your time and energy you put in to the site

Take care and kindest regards



Oh Terry, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who writes stuff and then decides not to post it - lol!

Hey, next time, post it on one of mine, and I'll tell you if I really don't understand. :-/


What about being a casual volunteer? could we do that? maybe.



We actually don't expect all our FibroAction.HU Volunteers to be on here every day. If you can let us know when you're not going to be around for some time (more than a day or 3), that's fine. We are looking to grow the team over the next few months, which will also mean that there is less pressure felt by each member of the team. :)


Good idea :-)


Yes a big thank you for all admin and volunteers who keep this site going xxx and for all thei light-hearted jibber jabber lol. Mad lot x lol


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