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Just wanted to say thanks for coming into my life! :)

It's only a couple weeks since I have been contributing to this site by responding to posts and writing a few blogs even though I have been just looking for a while,I just wanted to say a realy realy big thank you for welcoming me into a wonderful family,I feel like I know you all like old friends,so supportive,so helpful and there's always someone who been through whatever it is that I need advice on,even the most silliest question have such a wonderful response,I feel so isolated in my head sometimes and just having you guys makes me feel so mutch better,I wrote a blog on Friday about dreams of people that have died that seem so real,I though I was the only one,but I'm not and I had some lovely comforting advice,so thanks,I love ya all!!xxxx

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Hi I too feel like you x I only joined a couple of weeks ago and I can't beleive what a help it has been. Being able to talk to people who have the same problems as you and that actually have some understanding of how you are feeling is brilliant.

I like you have had some wonderful advice and all have been very helpful.

So I too would like to say THANK YOU xxx


this site has been a life line to me. i am usually moaning but nobody minds because they all understand what is happening and know what we are going through. i have brilliant support from family and friends but they will never truley understand what is happening but everyone on this site does which is why every single person is so amazing!



Thank you so much Pinkblossom for your lovely message! It's a real pleasure having you here with us all!

I think our forum is quite unique in as much as we are all genuinely here for each other, we all care about each other and it's so friendly and welcoming. We know we can come in here and we all understand. We can compare notes, offer advice and support etc which is invaluable isn't it.

On good and bad days we can pop in here knowing we aren't alone, that is a great feeling!

I hope you all enjoy your time here.

Any concerns or worries, please just ask, Admin are always only too happy to try to help you or point you in the right direction. :)


Pink blossom a lovely message but can we have a little less of "the old" am a little tender about "old" at moment :) It is a marvelous site isn't it :) such lovely friends :) xgin


Yup I love stomping about the site and gins i specially love your posts cos they are eo easy for me to be silly with... And I like being silly.. Takes my mind off the pain

VG x


I joined only a couple of days ago, and have been so comforted just reading blogs and getting replies from my blog yesterday. You have all lifted my spirits and i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and kind wishes. Love to you all, <3 PeppaRosie xx


You are so right! Im not one for bloggin or talking about my problems. i stumbled upon this site,whwn i was looking up fibro and from the very first moment i felt very at home,and was able to write something,which for me is a fantastic personal achievement for me. i have had more understanding and support from people on this site than all of the doctors ive seen over the last 10 years put together.


It's a pleasure to have you with us Peppa and Nanny, make yourselves comfy and enjoy your time with us. If there is anything you aren't sure about, if you have any worries or concerns, please just ask Admin. We are always only too happy to help where we can and we will always try to help and support you in the best way we can.

You will see so many personal experiences from our Questions and Blogs, it helps knowing you aren't alone, we all understand here and we all support each other.

I hope you have a good day today in spite of the terrible weather, it's pouring and freezing on the South Coast today, brrrrr! :) (((hug))) xx


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