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less than 3 weeks left and god its going slow !!!

well less than 3 weeks left of school ,and its going sooo slow ,

i know my kids will stress me out and by the end of the 6 week hols i will be more than ready for them to go back ,

but i cant wait to have no school ,i find it hard enough keeping them clean ,fed and happy

but with everything that the schools do to send you slightly stir crazy ,it will be a welcome break

iam sooo fed up with trying to remember eveything that im supposed to attend ,i write it down and forget to look at it ,i spend the last few weeks of summer and xmas term in a state of nervous panic ,thinking that ive forgot or let one of my kids down ,by not turning up to somthing !

also with doc appointments too ,well i feel like ive lost the plot ,just had a stand off with the doc ,with me winning hahah !

i told her that since ive had the coil fitted ive got constant pmt ,she argued the fact that it was all in my head ,well ive done some research and a lot of women feel the same ,so i made her take it out ,she was not impressed ,then she couldnt find it !!!!!

anyway she found it in the end ,i didnt see the point of having it ,it was put in to stop heavy bleeding ,which worked but was replaced with constant bleeding !

she said if i feel better and dont get mood swings then its physcological nothing to do with the coil ,to be honest i will be very happy even if it is a placebo affect ! so nahnarnah nah !!!!!

anyway sorry for the long post just needed to get it off my chest ,im so fed up at the mo :(

hope everyone has a lovely day hugs xxxxxx

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hi i used to love it when my girls were off for the summer i think i was the only mum with a big smile on my face at the gates the da they broke up and the only one looking miserable the day they went back lol i am like you no clock watching and rushing around in the morning , but this was before i had fibro so with your fibro i totally agree with you and understand where you are coming from. that doctor of yours should learn to listen to his patients it is your body and you know how you feel and the symptons you are getting ,

also you have researched your symptons and found others that are experiencing the same so your not wrong are you,

well you take care and dont worry that school bell will soon be going off for the last time for while

love diddle x


thanks diddle ,theres only a few people i know who enjoy the hols ,thats the good thing about having five at home its like your own mini class of kids and there always someone to play/agrevate with lol ,

yes your right about the doc ,when i was younger i would have gone away misrable and not have pushed her to take it out ,so here here for getting older and wiser lol xxx


i do enjoy holidys, but i always worry they wont have enough to do! x


i shouldnt worry hun ,your doing a great job ,your much better than me lol and now your got your scooter its even better :) xxx


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