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mood swings

i know a lot of us suffer with mood swings ,me included ,

but since i have had a marena coil fitted my mood swings ,are horrendous !

its like that week to ten days you have leeding up to a period ,where you want scream at everyone and jump on them and pummel them ,not that you do but you know what i meen lol

well im like that allllll the time ,and as i had problems with bleeding while being on the coil ,bleeding all the time ,the doc gave me more tablets which are more hormones ,

so if i thought i was bad before ,well im a bit like hulk ,with "dont make me angry ,you wouldnt like me when i get angry " lol

well laughing aside ,its really getting me down ,im taking it out on everyone in my family ,

my question is ,

is it the coil ?

has anyone else found they were like this on the merena coil ?

any info would be great thanks xxxx

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Hey lynz, gentle hugs.

I am unable to sympathise properly with you, but you have my sincere commiserations - Apart from the pill way back when- I never had anything else, no coil or other kind of birth control - Though I did have the most horrendous menstrual cycles, 2 heavy ones a month without respite - I bled for 10-14 days each ovary - but NEVER did I ever get mood swings - Until Mr Fibro came along - period pains and heavy blood loss, were as tough as it got for me. I guess after the horrors in my life I'd already been through - It was deemed I had suffered plenty as a woman.


Carol xx


thanks carol ,the thing is i dont even have the coil for birth control it is for horrendous periods quite similar to yours ,and although it did the trick im left like this ,so i dont know what is worse ,bleeding lightly all the time or horendous flooding and painful periods .

hugs xx


Sorry Lynz, I wasn't assuming it was actually for birth control really - despite how I wrote it down. But I do feel for you. Best thing I had was a full hysterectomy about 10 years or so back. Until the evil Fibro - I was finally having a life.



Carol xx


god i would love one ,i know its a big thing to have done ,but ive had problems since i started all those yrs ago ,ive finished having my children ,and plus i dont think my body would cope with another pregnancy even if i wanted one ,and i well and truely dont lol !

plus ive got a double prolapse ,but refused surgery for that aswell ! what with the fibro and problems down there aswell im soooo fed up xxx


Awww bless you lynz.

I have to admit they screwed up when they did the op initially - You know your own body don't you? I knew the minute I came round something was not right - I was not just sore but in absolute, rip roaring agony with the slightest movement I made. My Aunt brought my daughters in to visit that same night - and she could see things were not right - but the medical staff would not hear/listen. I could barely walk. I was supposed to be home after 5-6 days - still in agony and not looked at - until day 8 - when a nurse gingerly undoes the bandage - and to my shock and annoyance - started to remove ruddy STAPLES from the 6 in wound - I was meant to have sutures - Any-whoo - she began removing alternate ones and all seemed fine - then she started to remove the others - and the wound fell completely open! :-O The edges healed along each edge - and not healed to each other! An STILL no one said anything when I told them from day one something seemed off! It was 2 days later before the wound was redressed as it was - I was given a maternity pad to cover it when I needed the bathroom! It was another 2 days before I went back into surgery - and what was meant to be a half hour clean-up and restitch - Yep! Sutured! The op actually took 4 and a half hours. Apparently, I'd somehow got a mild infection at first - hence why my wound did not mend - But when I was opened up this 2nd time it was much worse than they thought - but did not tell me that. I over-heard nurses talking about my case. This time however, I felt well immediately on coming round - in fact, despite warnings, I was up and about in minutes after being back on the ward. And at 6 the next morning I was running about the whole floor in and out of every ward disposing of the disgusting, rotting, putrid, rank vases of dead flowers!

Carol was BACK! It was 5 more days before I was let home - with a 13 inch scar running from hip to hip! So much for a "mild" infection - Thinking back to how it was after the first op? I believe I had what's now widely spoken of - MRSA. But at least I recovered well and I never once took it easy for the first 3 months after. Like I said - you know your own body don't you?

Love & hugs,

Carol xx


Hi lynz, I didn't fancy the marina, i stuck with the copper coils and had them for years but my sister-in-law struggled with the marina to the point she fainted, ended up having it out. have you tryed using a herbal suppliment for the mood swings?

evening primrose, vit B12. I always use suppliments from a repribable supplier or your gp who do prescribe the evening primrose

hugs poppy xx


i havnt i have an appointment tomorrow so will ask about it ,thanks poopy xxx


Hi Lynz

6 and a half years ago i had the mirena fitted as i developed a lot of cervical growths and heavy continuous bleeding, they removed the growths and fitted the coil.

It took me a couple months but eventually my bleeding stopped and i have to say the only problem i have encountered is trying to get someone to remove it to renew it (i couldnt bear to start having periods again on top of everything else as mine are always bad).

However the docs or hospital wont do it no more here, you have to go to a walk in centre in town and they always seem to be closed when i do go in.

Saying that though I have terrible mood swings but i always have done so i cant say i could associate these with the coil.

I would go back to the doctor if i was you and enquire about it especially if the moods are getting worse.

gentle hugs xx


thank you ,i wish mine had stopped completly ,i was left with bleeding all the time not heavy ,but so horrible to bleed all of the time .im going tomorrow ,so watch this space lol ,

i doubt they will believe me though xx


ive just done some research on the computer ,and found that a lot of woman suffer with exactly the same symptons as me ,

how hard do you think it will be to convince the doc that its not down to fibro this time !

yes i think so too lol :)


soory your going through this i can feel for ya though i never had anything but the pill which i still got pregnant on had years of pain n agony when finaly docs heard me sent me in had uterous out yaraaa! hi had sever fibroids and other problems surgeon said i was lucky i had it out when i did. now i still get grumpy/ eating habits but im not a grizzly bear just a cuddle toy with attitude. lol eat chocolate and relax and breath xx


lol i do ,i eat truck loads ,and i never had a sweet tooth untill i had the coil put in ,i dont know if it is that or the meds i take ,but im going to my foot down and get this bloody thing out !

hugs xxx


Just thought I would say I am about to have my third marina coil fitted, for me it had been fine, and my mood does get edgy once a month but I would say that is normal for me.

What I have noticed is when mr fibro hits I am less than patient :-(

Soft hugs xxx



yes my friend has hers in along time and hasnt had any of the symptons i have had ,but after reading lots of other people having the same as me it does make me feel better that its not in my head ,i should have known really when i went on the injection i was like this ,but was assured by the doc that this wouldnt make me feel the same ,well i dont think she was right ,i know im not me ,even with mr fibro im not normally this bad ,so im now going to put up a fight to get it removed

hugs xxxxx



just had that evil thing taken out! made my symptoms a whole lot worse and it got stuck and the threads got wound around the cervix :-/....had to have a general to get it out and lose 6 days from work.my moods were horrendous, got fat and bloated and spotty....it was great for birth control..i never wanted sex and if i did i looked/acted so awful he didnt want it with me :-)

my friend had it for years and swears by it....its not for me


yes lol you could say its a good birth control ,cause you cant stand the thought of it !

how awful for you getting it stuck like that ! ive gotten spotty aswell ive not thought of that but it could be another blinking side effect ,

glad you got it sorted ,hugs :) xx


HI I have a marina coil, Ive also been sterilised, since 1998 I had the marina coli fitted for endometriosis - I had to have a triple op n they had to lazer top of the bowel as I had lots of adhesions due to the endometriosis, The first two coils I had fitted I did still bleed but not a lot n had mood swings, but thankfully the third one I have had no problems (touch wood) but i'm due to have another done in nov - however I do have mood swings due to the dreaded fibro because of pain n tiredness - hope you can find something that helps you xx


thanks mystique the next thing the doc said i could try for heavy bleeding is to have an op where they burn the inside of you womb ,so i think i may have to go down that root ,as this coil is awful for me ,

glad it worked out for you in the end xxxx


Hi, I had the marina coil fitted because of pain and heavy bleeding but my mood swings were like yours...very bad for those around me! I put up with it for 4 months before I returned to my specialist, this time he gave me 2 options ..the burning of the womb or a full hysterectomy, my sis-in-law is a nurse and I took her advice and had the full hysterectomy (I was 37) The reason I chose this option was because, although it is a major op, I knew this would be final..no more ops or coils or burning!! I have never regretted it :) I hope you get sorted soon :) (((gentle hugs)))


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