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No sleep again

Hello I've not been on for a while but my hubby has left me so I'm not in a good place at the mo my son graduateted then the very next day left home once again to go up north to live his sister & her family went up first I'm off work sick but can't sleep at night but can during the day so tired constantly don't want to do anything I've gone from having a flat full off people to just me in a matter of weeks it's not nice just feel lost & the fibro isn't helping was feeling quite well before all this sorry to moan xxx

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So sorry to hear your haveing so much of a hard timei found it so hard but we did sort things out after a few months. Me and my husband split a few years ago and Being on your own is very lonly when your well letalone when you suffeing with fibro I sent you big hugs xx


Please find some strength within and hang in there. I wish you were not having so much pain and suffering- physically and emotionally. Even though I don't know you, I do empathize with you. This is a great forum for support. Hopefully you are able to find some kind of relief soon. Take care.


Thankyou xxx


That realy bad why did he leave? Im so sorry for u must be a hard time xx


Dunno why but were goin to try to work at it xxx


Thats all u can do x my son's of to uni sunday too and my daughter has moved out its a lonely time on your own xx the doc told me to try not to sleep in the day so I wd rest more at nite and it has helped x takes ages getting used too xxxx


Yeah I'm trying to do that so I'm just goin out once again if I sit I'll just fall asleep xxx


Lol and I finished work and fell asleep x its so hard to motivated xxx thats a gd think geting u out and about xxx shell xxx


Suwie, change is difficult, as we are only able to adapt slowly to the new.

It is difficult enough to know what is going on in our own head at times and while we can suspect what is going on in the heads of others we can not know for certain.

It will be a big change for your husband as well and probably one that he is having second thoughts about.

Life with anyone else is not always a bed of roses as it is a series of compromises and sometimes we just want to escape form our normality.

I think that all to often things are complicated by words, often things are said out of frustration or hurt, we must try and see past words sometimes.

I know my words are not going to remove your situation, but they might help put a little perspective on matters at the moment.

Best Wishes, RayB


Hi suwie

I am so sorry to read that you are having such a terrible and miserable time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to all of this. I was wondering if you had considered joining a Fibro group?

I have pasted below for you the FibroAction group directory as there may be a group in your area:


I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that things pick up for you really soon.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


So sorry to hear your sad news.

You're right, it can be extremely lonely.

Sometimes I have the t.v. on just to have some background noise.

I hope that you manage to work things out between you both.

You have a lot of adjustments to get used to which can take a long time.

Keeping off the bed during the day is a must.

None of this is easy especially if you've been together for a long time.

If you fancy a chat sometime to let off some steam you are very welcome to private message me.

Sending lots of hugs your way

Lu xxxxx


So sorry that all this has happened to you. I miss my sons so much and they've been gone for quite a while now. It makes it worse when you're on your own with no partner to share feelings with. I do hope you get through this. X.


so sad for you. things will get better, it did for me. When my son left to go to university, my house seemed empty and I felt that I was not needed anymore. However, once he was there he still made an effort to come back to see me, and I used to travel to see him. We spoke on the phone regular too. Try to go out just for short walks, even if you cannot be bothered as it does help. My husband also left me, but now I am with a new man, and have been for 14 years. Life will improve, but you never think it will at the time. Now I take pleasure in little things, so simple, like a cup of tea on a sunny day.


So sorry sweetheart!!! The very same thing happened to me so I know what you are going through!!! My heart goes out to you. You will find out how truly strong you are. I looked at it this way. I didn't want to be with any man who thought so little of me after all I'd gave him, and always there for him, I figured I never really knew him, if he could leave me without a moments thought. You will be fine, but it's not easy. Just try to keep your mind on other things and in the long run you are better off without him if he's that self centered. You deserve better and you will find someone who honestly loves you for you and not for what you can and can't do for them. It's a partnership not a one way street. I pray this helps you sweetheart, and if you need to talk I'm here you can private message me anytime!!! Hang in there darling. xxxx Mitzi


Hi hope u dont mined me messaging u again x just seeing how u are with u being on your own hope your ok xxx shell xxx


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