My boil that isn't

Well here goes friday evening at about half 6 I noticed what had been a normal spot had now changed it looked nasty so I cleaned it with dettol I noticed it had gone hard below the Skin not that I could do anything as it wasn't an emergency I was gonna have to wait till Tuesday in other words today well I went to the dr's turns out its not a boil but a ruddy subcutanius sist so now on antibiotics have to go back in a week probably have to have it cut out Dr says it will leave a biggish scar told him I didn't care so long as it was gone looking forward to that as chest hurrts like hell feels like I've been punched through from front to back as if I didn't have enough to cope withh sorry about this only so many times my husband will let me rant or moan and sorry abouut spelling mistakes haatd to concentrate when hurting isn't it well had my moan so thanks all.

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  • wow im sorry and whats caused that to happen?hope it doesnt hurt half as bad when the cut it prob pass out.

    im a chicken. x

  • subcutanious cyst is an ingrowing hair that is infected , or the sebum (puss) is infected xx i only know this as i trained as beauty therapist a few years ago and subcutanious cyst was topip of conversation x hope it feels better soon n ouch ouch poor you xxx

  • hopefully the antibiotics will do their job and kill it off for you so that you won't have to have it cut out.

    I get too many abcesses so I do understand the pain and feeling of being generally very unwell that these lumps and bumps bring with them.

    Keep taking the tablets ;-)

    Julie xx

  • Thankyou all for your kindness and for the info I think I knew about the hair folical my youngest did beauty therapy thankyou again .

  • forgot to say - if you have this happen again on a weekend or bank holiday either go to one of the NHS walk-in centres or to A&E to get anti-biotics so that it doesn't grow to a size where the only choice is lancing it or cutting it out. The Doctors and nurses won't be funny with you as they woud rather you had antibiotics in good time than have to have a procedure.

    Julie xx

  • Thanks don't know why I didn't think of going to any of them must have soup for brains ah well hope it's better before Saturday Its granson weekend an he grows so fast an changes so much in just 2 weeks he's already in 18-24 month old size clothing he's only 14 months .its weird he seems to know I'm in pain as he doesn't climb on my lap he climbs on to the sofa beside me so I can read to him he's my babys baby my youngest daughters son and he's my angel .

  • I'm a lucky Nanna, my daughter, her partner and my little grand-daughter live with me ... so I get to be a full on Nanna which is just lovely. Amelia is 8 1/2 months and getting ready to start crawling any day now! She is such a happy little angel - she has been to her great-Aunty's today and I'm missing her like mad - need a cuddle before she goes into her cot :-)

    Julie xx

  • Arnt babys lovely especially gran children we have our grandson every fortnight from sat till Tues we take him home on Tues because they live near town & we do our shopping on Tues as a rule, but not this week as hubby had to take his dad to hospital for some tests he had a triple by pass around 17 years ago, he now has a leaking heart valve so everyone is worrying about him so we take little man to visit every fortnight if great granddad is up to having Little man over. Take care give your little lady a hug from me aswell and gentle hugs for you nite nite. Sithy

  • Hi, i get lots of boils/cysts and have done since my Fibro started. Every few weeks there will be another really nasty one popping up. I hour you aren't too sore and that the little procedure to remove it goes ok! Take care!

  • hi .. i recently had a abcess on my boob and it was awful .. i was on antibiotics for a few weeks but left with a scar .. i hope the antibiotics works for you ... Also i have suffered with boils and cysts for many years they come and go .. take care .. i went to a&e as i found mine on a friday night and went sat morning .

  • Thank you all for your support & kind words it is now about 1 and a half inches from side to side and 1 & a half inches top to bottom well its now all iky as the (pus) yuck is coming out doc said I could give it a good squeeze @ each dressing change don't know how he expected me to do it I get enough pain am unable to inflict pain on my self so my hubby is doing it & seems to be enjoying every bit of it but not in a nasty way its just that he no longer feels as helpless as he has done for the past 19 years he now has the oppertunity to eliminate a sorce of pain for me I think that's why he's enjoying it.

    Will keep you posted as to how its going.


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