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I went into town to pay a bill yesterday and popped to my local WH Smith to get 2 x mags i went to the checkout where 2 middle aged women were talking went to the desk put down my mags they looked at me as if to say oh god we are having a conversation here do you mind lol so they were talking about some man who works there and keeps popping to the loo all the time i know this as i was being served they were still talking about it comlpletely ignoring me i gave the lady my money she pushed the mags to me and then i had to ask fora bag you would have thought i had asked for her purse the mags were then shoved in a bag and pushed to me as she was stillin conversation i was so furious i called the manager when i got home of the store who said thankyou i will def have words that snot on then my daughter at lumch went to mac donalds withher work collegue walked in the 2 girls o the tillwere laughing pointing and talking out her behind their hands and again so intent on that they got her order wrong they were talking about my daughters boobs to be blunt she is very well endowerd god knows where they come from but they do get alot of attention , even thouhj she had a black top on and thy were covered it really upset her so again i called the duty manager last night who again was disgusted and today i will be calling the head office

as the thing is talk about customers if you want thats fine we have all done it but not in their face wait until they leave the store !!!!!!!!!

there are so manty peoplwe who are unemployed here and ther is an example of 4 jobs that could be given to someone who really would enjoy anfd treasure that chance so i hope they geta real good dressing down

but how rude people are ?????

love diddle xxx

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Hi Diddle what an awful experience for you and your daughter. I am so glad you had the strength to complain. We don't ask for much do we just people to be polite take care sue xx


well done diddle ,too right you should complain ! how rude of all of them !

hugs xxxx


Hey ive always had good experiences in the coperative shop they have no manners they make me feel so uncomfy.i only go in there to pay my gas and electric. I dont go in if not.

Your right to complain they had no right at all.

I would have said something there and then x


what a nasty experience we only get out now and again and the spoiledit for youglad you took action the old fashioned customer pays my salary training has gone by the board tell your daughter from me the menfolk here seem to like big busted ladies and the girls who giggle are immature and jealous .i am big busted and so i know how she feels went thru hell as younger person but she must hold her head up high and her boods higher. well done you. petal


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