Sorry for this folks

I know i have had good news latly, but you know what i just cut my legs off tonight and most nights if im being honest. Just got up from my own bed again and in spare room. Ive not stopped yawning since i got up this morning, i did a small yask woth my husband this morning like small put half the swing seat together and i felt like i had just built a bloody house,.how stupid is that. Ive been fatigued since i woke hop and tearfull for no reason.

I just want my legs back jow yhey where, gove me pains and stop mu over limbs work8ng just give me my legs. I hate it, i cant do anything i want to do, i cant even walk round the town. I dont want ot wish to go in a motabilitu scooyer i have a stick.snd o want to walk. I want to walk tound.the lake whete my caravan is. Its so naturized there i used to walk round all 3 lakes a year ago. I want tp walk back up to saint anns well at great malvetn again. I want to run througj the bluebell woods. I dont want these damm legs atached to my body anymore.

Yes im venting if i dont i will explode, nigjt after nigjt day after day my legs haunt me with chronic paon or bad aches so bad o cant keep them syill, they have a mind of yhete own and i wish tjey didnt belong to me . If it wadnt for my husband pushing me out i could quite happy to be a recluse and stay at home. I hate my legs, o hate these infisions ebery 4 weeks, i hate giving blood every 4 weeks,.all the mri scans i have all the specialist appointments. I want to be normal i want my legs back, i want to sleep,

Sorry guys i had to let out my head and feelings or else om going to explode and put back on the crazy house.

There done jusy want my life back, i stupidly thought when i retired that was it, in my head wad go9ng to dp apl this stuff traveling, walkinh my brain says go for it but my stupid body wont follow my brain.

Again sorry had to get ot out please find me a new pair of legs and dont hate me for writing this, just feel helpless and alone even though had good news recently, just want my legs back and functoonal for purpose.

And yes im depressed and yes im crying pn my own so no one can here, and im not seen to be so strong after all.

No need to answer my rantings unless u can give me my legs back sorry again. Wish you all sweet dreams x

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  • Awwww bless you sweetheart I know how you feel I was same other week I was at mitted to hospital a few yrs ago and they gave me an mri scan turns out I have 3 degenerating disc's in my lower back and I suffer constantly with sciatica pain down my left leg but I have learned to live with it but yes I could easily cut my legs off when they start for cramp try drinking some Indian tonic water works a treat belive it or not lol good luck hope you get some relief soon hun xx

  • Thanks, actualy i had mri last week, they looking at spine cause i also have pernament siatica down my right leg.

    I was venting sorry im sure we must all feel this way sometimes,.thsnkd

    Hugs accepted

  • hi their cathy21 i'm i right you have lost both legs and your on a pair of false legs and your would like your own legs back i'm i understand what your saying is right. please don't worry about complaining or ranting it is understandable if your have lost both legs, if your disabled that you have a chance of a mobility scooter from mobility have you ever ask them for help for a mobility scooter. do you get DLA for yourself if you do then i would get in touch with them to help. please let me know how you have got on take care bigalan

  • No oh no, my ramblings, its feeling all the time ive lost both legd because they feel like they not mine.

    Sorry i confused you x

  • hi their i don't mind you having a good ramble anytime you feel up to it i have a good listening ear but for this i'll use my eyes instead take care bigalan x

  • cathy21 ~ I only have occasional restless leg syndrome at night and it drives me crazy, so I can't even imagine what you are going through!

    I am so sorry, and send you my sincere best wishes and positive vibes for healing, and soft vibes for comfort! bk

  • Thanks, has i read replies, caring on here is plenty. Dont worry just had a moment of expressing how i felt. My brain will ressume tomorrow. X

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you feel better soon. I can totally relate to what you are saying as I get like this whenever I work in the garden, and it is really annoying! I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thanks very much Ken. Its frustrating and sometimes turns to anget and then i pull up my socks.

    Well Ken just noticed whilst replying its ground hog time.

    Sausage any mushroom bap anyone. Xx

  • That sounds lovely, tomato ketchup on mine please x

  • Here it is first one enjoy please x

  • Thank you my friend, much appreciated x

  • I know exactly how you feel, every night I want to get rid of my legs but every day I'm glad I've still got them despite the pain. I take pramipexole for restless legs and that is wonderful .

  • Hi its awful to think that we want to cut our own legs of isint it, but that is how i realy get. And yes i would hate it if that happened.

    Cheers drink to legs xxx

  • Look up "Restless Legs syndrome ". There are medications specifically for your legs . Do legs hurt when you are sitting or just when you are on them or walking? I drink an Amish formula ( bought at health food store). You mix a capful in 3/4 cup of water and drink it. It is all natural and tastes horrible but it works. The name of it is : STOPS LEG CRAMPS IN ONE MINUTE. Have you tried pain creams or lotions? Doing leg stretches also helps. Build up your strength, start slowly by walking around your house, you will be sore because you are using muscles that you haven't used in long time . Another thought, get massage and have them work on getting circulation moving freely again . Staying in a state of "I want" will only bring you down . Start working with what you do have and praise God that . How can God bless you with more when you don't appreciate what you do have ? Ask for His healing and Favor . If getting out and enjoying life means a wheelchair, so be it .

    Sometimes we don't get what we want , we get what we need .


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