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feeling really down at the moment fed up of keep explaining my illness to the dwp

was told to apply for esa as i claimed i cannot work due to haveing fibromyalgia/ ME

Ive been in terrible pain ive been told i dont qualify for dla coz i can walk even thou im in loads of pain doing this ivebeen for loads of medicals coz the first one told me i was fit for work now a woman from esa is coming to my house on tuesday to see if im on the right benefit they think i should be on job seekers even thou ive loads of hospital appointment on pregablin that makes me feel like a zombie but my doc wont change it coz its the best one to treat my condition im so fed up why is it so difficult for them to understand this condition

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Hello Deeplydippy, I was on pregabilin but like you it made me so ill that I had to stop taking it but I asked to be referred to the pain clinic and they were very helpful and I asked if I could try a morphine patch and that is what I am on now it really has helped my Fibro and I take Oramorph and Paracetamol for break through pain, don't be fobbed off as there are other things out there you can take. I got DLA because I can't walk far without being in pain I use crutches and I was lucky that the DLA doctor came to me at home where I could demonstrate that I cannot get out a chair with no handles!! Don't give up and don't fill the forms on your own as the questions are trick to catch you out. All the best. Aisha x


I am in exactly the same boat as you.I walk with crutches,have mobility difficulties but have been turned down by the D.L.A.Iam so fed up filling in forms trying to explain myself its a nightmare.I have come to the conclusion that if it goes on for a long time (which my D.L.A. took for 4 years going back and forth).they hope you give up.I was turned down when I went for may appeal because I could walk from the waiting room to the interview room.I would like these people to live just one day in my shoes,they would see how horrible fibro/me affects people.


I totally understand what you are going through, i have had to fight for my DLA and for my ESA. Atos wanted me to go to a medical so i got my doctor to write a letter telling them that i can only walk 5-10 metres, and that its all down to my ME, FMS, swollen ankles and water retention. The best way to show the DLA and the DWP is when you go and see them, or they come to you, don't have any medication, so they can see what you are really like, get the doctor, OT and anyone else to write letters backing everything up. Get in touch with the OT services and ask them to do a record of needs, that wat if you need any help around the house they can get it for you. You really have got to tell them what you are like when you don't have the tablets. All the time you tell them that you can walk so far with painkillers they will say you don't need any help and can work as long as your sitting down. I have had to go through this so many times, the last DLA i went for i went to tribunal and took my helpers, who were my kids. the official that was there thanked my children for going with me and telling that it takes a whole family to work together to get things going in sort of the right direction. hope this helps you in some way. gentle hugs


Hi never give up that's what they want give as much medical support as poss keep a copy ofall you send good luck


Hi Deeplydippy, as far as the dla is concerned you should be adjudged on your very worst day. if on your worst day you can't walk more than 100 yards or metres then you will be entitled to mobility allowance on top of the dla. the dla is there for if you are disabled and your doctor should be able to give you some idea of what you need to say to claim this benefit. if you doc isn't much help then try reading the material sent to you by the dla dept. don't say that you have good days as this won't help you at all!!

hope this helps

gentle hugs


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