hello all my dear friends

well i think i am over all my urine infections ( fingers crossed) it has made me so ill.... as my sister said... its because i have a under lying condition of the fibro, and alot of people with urine infections just find them uncomfortable but i was floored... anyway folks.. how are u all doing? will try and catch up on the posts but i really hope u are all well and keeping as good as u can be... speak to u all soon

all my love

diane xxxx

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  • Hi there

    Hope things start to get better for you without them. xx

  • Hi Dianne, good to hear you are feeling a bit brighter, isn't this weather just awful, will we ever get any nice weather, I really do wonder!!!

    I had a couple of hours sleep this afternoon, which i needed, but am flagging again!!


    Sue x x x

  • Ohh so glad your feeling much better, i do no what you mean been suffering with urine infections for over 4 an half years now, and they really do take it out of you, i'm the same,

    take care and sending gentle hugs and good to see you back ...... jackie xxx

  • glad you are feeling better x

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