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Hello my dear friends

Just checking in to see how everyone is doing??? i am having a pieceful day, hubby and family out, but....... i dont know what to do with myself, its odd, cause i look forward to having me time and now i am lost... i could go and do some crafts after my pain eases off.. does anyone else get lost when there on there own or is it just me lol...

Well hope where u are the weather is nice, in edinburgh its dry but with terrible winds...

Wishing u all a pain or fatigue free day..

love diane xx

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yes i do lol ,i dream of just having me time ,and then dont know what to do with myself ,ive come to the conclusion that i dont like my own company lol :)

well hope you have a nice day xxx


I could relate to that its very windy in Montrose too, enjoy your me time whatever you find yourself doing .


Hi Diane

Heading up your way next Friday (I live in Surrey) to see meet up with my family as it's my birthday. Hope the weather will improve a bit! We don't seem to have much luck with the weather when we're up there.

Caroline x


Hi Diane, wish i was in Edinbugh, we have horrible rain and high winds. The wind keeps shutting our heating system off so i am not a happy bunny. How r u doing? I quite enjoy me time when no one else is around, i don't have to answer to anyone or be on the go all the time. Hope we get together soon take care x


I live for my Thursday off, kids in school, hubby in work...complete peace....when I get it i do feel lost, I can't stand being in the house on my own! what do I do instead of resting?....I go and find a load of friends and go out for coffee/lunch and then I feel knackered all day Friday for doing it!!

Lovely sunny day today so I walked to church, which is about a mile away...I took it very slowly...suffering now but it was wonderful all the same xxx

Hope you had a fab day too xxx hugs x


thanks for all ur comments.. ended up making a card to go into my craft box for charity, only managed one though as the fatigue set in again x.. karen yes we need to meet up soon... wish this weather would pick up though... hope everyone is well today xxx


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