Hello All

Hi everyone, Hope you are all keeping well.

I havent written a blog for quite a while now but I have tried to read some when i can. I had been on Holiday last month for a week and it was lovely all that sunshine had helped with all my pains etc...I am taking B12 tablets and they arent helping with my pain but do seem to be helping with my tiredness as i dont feel as tired as i did.

All my pains seem to be coming back and my tablets dont seem to be working in the way that they did and i really dont want to up them due to the side effects that i had the last time i was on a higher dose. Think I really need to make another appointment to see the doc but will try and see if i can see another doc.

My lower back, hips, legs and feet are the worst with pain, burning sensations, at night i have to hang my feet aout the bed as i cant even stand my feet touching the sheet or matress. Does any one else get this????#

I took a sore throat 2 nights ago and came home form work yesterday shivering,whole body ached, it just came on so quickly it was scary.

Really hope you are all keeping as well as you can do and i will try and get back on more often.

Take Care

Jo xx

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  • Yes, I have the skin sensitivity, and seems to be worse at night. I can't have anything on my skin at all, but luckily it comes and goesfor me. Hope you feel better soon

    Zara x

  • Hi Zara, Thank you for your reply. Wish it would come and go for me as it is more here than away!!!!!

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • Hello there JoJo, the symptoms you describe are symptomatic of Fibromyalgia, I am sure most of us can relate to them at some time or other. The other symptoms you describe could mean you are starting what is known as a Fibromyalgia flare-up, this is where all your symptoms including your pain is heightened for a prolonged period. This could be for a few days or longer, it tends to vary with each flare.

    If as you suspect, your meds aren't helping you as much as they should be, please see your GP for a meds review and explain that they aren't working. You may need your pain relief increasing etc. It's always worth updating your GP when your symptoms change or if you are having a particularly bad flare-up because from time to time our Fibro can evolve and change and we need our meds adjusting accordingly.

    I hope you feel better really soon, please let us know how you get on. We are all here for you and we all care about you. Take care, here's a hug for you (((hug))) xxx

  • Hi LibertyZ ,Thank you for your reply. I knew i was getting something and did think that i was having a flare up but now with having flu like symptoms im not so sure so going to wait and see how i feel the next couple of days before i make a docs appointment (i am trying to decide as well whether to see my normal doc or a different one).

    I will let you know what i decide and how i am feeling.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • Thank you Jojo! I hope you feel better really soon, hope to hear from you soon about this. Take care. (((hug))) xxx

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