Hello my friends

Hello my friends

Hello my friends, I have a new gp as my old one has quit and after plucking up the courage to visit her I'm glad I did. I raised my concern again about Lupus as my symptoms have changed and all point to Lupus. Anyway cutting a long story short after being led to believe they tested me before it appears they haven't. So I'm now booked in for bloods to find out for sure. I'm suffering at the minute with rashes and swelling it's driving me mad. I hope you are all as well as possible.

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  • Ooh that looks sore, hope your blood tests sort everything thing out soon take care

  • I agree it looks swollen and very sore :(

  • They do hurt but it's like everything is pulled tight. It isn't pleasant and makes moving around even harder. X

  • Me too thank-you

  • Hi hopefully you will get results soon

    Good luck my friend

  • Hi there Tinkerjack1912 pleased to meet you . I so hope you get answers about your swollen foot soon and it is nothing too serious. Please keep us updated xx


  • Thank-you me too. It is all the time, I even have them swollen during the night and they feel like they are burning when under cover. Xx

  • hello Tinkerjack1912 , i too have lupus alongside fibro (and few other things) the symptoms do overlap. wish you luck with your blood test and you get some answers. please keep us updated. hugs x

  • Thank-you. Me too. X

  • I am so sorry that it has taken this long to get someone to listen. Your poor foot looks really sore.. Best luck there

  • Thank-you.

  • After a long wait I have seen the rheumatologist and he has started me on hydroxychloroquine for Lupus. My family say they have seen a difference in me which is good. I just wish there was a cure for the fatigue, it seems to be the worst part right now. I hope you are all as ok as can be. Xx

  • Hi Tinkerjack1912 I am happy to read that you have finally been given some answers to your problem and that the medication is having a positive effect on some part of your illness. Now if only you could find something to get the fatigue under control {{hugs}}

    Mo xx

  • Thank-you x

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