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Totally over did it yesterday =(

Two days ago I was told that at the end of my shift of sunday a team would be coming in to clean the whole of the store. It happens once a year and Ive never done one before, normally they get boys to do it and people NEVER do a full shift before hand. I basically had no choice but to do it. I started at 8 and we closed at 5 and the team came. I had strip all the shelfs (I work in a supermarket) and then the team cleans everything and I have to put it all back again. Its a big job and hard work :( I couldnt keep bending because my back began to hurt, I couldnt kneel on the floor because of my knees and have osteoarthritis in them as well. I cashed after one isle and couldnt get up :'( After a while I got up and did the other 4 isles and finished at 9:30. The repetitive movements of constantly bending and lifting have crippled me.

Today Im in so much pain I cant get out of bed, I didnt sleep at all last night because I just couldnt get comfy. It feels like someone has rammed a screw driver into the top of my spine and is slowly twisting it into the bone.

I called in sick but because Im a asist manager they automatically hate me because me being ill looks bad to staff and its my fault they pull sickys?!

Im ment to be doing a 10:30 - 9:30 shift but have agreed to go in at 5. :'( really dont want to go in, im pooped. Just had a text off the other manager now telling me to get my bum in NOW.

Im never doing that again.

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You need to put your team straight, do they know that you are suffering so badly? You cannot put yourself through so much as you will become really ill you are so young you need to pace yourself. please listen to your body.

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x


I know, and I would never do this normally, I do have adjustments in place. My SM said he would do it but he had tickets to stone roses so I had to do it. The orders were from head office that it had to be done and it happened to be at the end of my shift. Normally you'd go the shift then someone else come in and do it, never do a shift before hand then that. But because it was so short notice they couldn't get the staff.

I went in anyway because they couldn't get any over for my shift =/ to be told by the other new dep...

'I'm not being funny but if you knew you cant do it (meaning the full shift then clean) why didn't you find a new job?'

I was shocked and said I BEG YOUR PARDON!!!

'I just think that if your ill you need to leave this job. You know, I just think life's too short you shouldn't be working if your ill.'

I can not believe he said that, I am so angry. I have been a manager and in the company five years, a hell of a lot longer than him, he's come from a different store and been a manager 6 months. He talks down to me and acts like he is the boss. Ive been taking him with a pinch of salt but now he's said that!

I have as much right as anyone else to have a job! And I've proved I can do it.


If you've read my other blogs you'd know about all the past rubbish i've had to battle with to keep my job. Im not letting this happen again.


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