Over did it

Thought I would be the big man this morning and did the shopping , I thought I would the shopping home , instead of leaving some in the car I took them to save time , and fell on the path , it took two people to get me up , im now in constant pain , my legs hurt , my neck and back are in agony , just to save 5 minutes , in future time doesn't matter , pain free matters , sometimes its incidents like this to make us realise we are very vulnerable , so excuse we while I take my morphine to help with the pain in my body .

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  • Hi Jeff I totally sympathise I decided to clean the gazebo this afternoon. In spite of going shopping and suffering fatigue and pain. Set out armed with dustpan and brush. Fell down the steps. At one stage I remember my head hitting the concrete luckily not hard enough to do any damage but certainly got me worried at the time. It has left me with a badly bruised right thumb, no skin on my left knee and a wrenched left shoulder.

    I am now hurting all over but I have also learnt a lesson. keep one hand free for the handrail.

    Gentle healing hugs sue

    ps hope you dont mind me keeping a few for myself. :)

  • What a horrid experience such bad luck but you know if today was the day it would have happened any way now you must recover and get smilling again!


  • Oh dear Jeff1958, I had images of that TV advert whereby the bloke manages to get all the shopping in his hands in one go and when he gets through the door he bites into his Yorkie bar! So sorry that you fell and hurt yourself, and I hope that you feel better soon.

    I agree totally with you, take things steady and stay pain free!

    Take care


  • Keep off the Yorkies Mr Ken.

    Hugs to Jeff. Unless you have a go you don't know. Spoons to you.

  • I can't bite through a Yorkie! I am not man enough! However, Jelly Babies beware!

  • I'll warn them :P

  • I have set a trap with a big yellow wrapper and my mouth waiting at an opening in the bottom!

  • Well, if it keeps you quiet . . .

  • He! He! Already scoffed em!

  • Jeff, hoping you feel better soon. I over do it a lot myself. Mostly because you never know when you'll get another good day. Try to take it easy sweetheart and maybe use some ice one the worse parts. xxx Mitzi

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