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Anyone else paranoid ?

I am so paranoid about family,friends and work colleagues being fed up with me and all my fybro symptoms that I said very proudly to my son this morning "Oh well at least I know I don't have dementia as well as all the other problems"

"How do you know that" he asked.

"Because they can usually remember everything that happened when they were younger and I can't remember anything at all" I said.

Oh dear!!!!!!

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I get very paranoid regarding how others view me and the fibro. I've had some not very nice comments and lack of understanding from family members and friends so that's where that comes from. Haha, the fog can make you feel like you have dementia at times, luckily my OH brother wasn't offended when I didnt recognise his voice on the phone, i had forgot he even existed to be honest ( he moved away a year or so ago) just explained was having a bad day lol

Zara x


I've had a really bad time of being anxious and paranoid over the last couple of months. My brain just wouldn't stop thinking and imagining. I worry what people think of me and I often read people and interprut their behaviour/body language as either positive or negative towards me. My hubby says I imagine it but I don't think I do. I can't cope with people being nasty as I'm a warm and bubbly people person and I suppose I expect others to treat me as I would treat them. Anyway, as I am having an enforced break from prescription drugs I am trying a combination of herbal supplements and 6 weeks on feel wonderful, free from worry, depression and paranoia. However NEVER TAKE HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS WITHOUT ADVICE ESPECIALLY IF ON PRESCRIPTION DRUGS!! NWG


Thank you NWG, important advice there! :)


Yep, me too. Ive got fibro and suffer with depression. Because i think so little of myself, that im chronically ill and get very miserable, that that is my world, and no one wants to hear my problems and that ive got nothing happy or interesting to say. so i dont bother socialising much. Good job i dont mind my own company !! This illness has a lot to answer for. xx


I've just done a couple of blogs, Im beginning to think Im being paranoid!!!!!!!!!!


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