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burned myself out ,finally :(

well ive finally done it ,been going and going ,and ive finally burned wiped myself out ,my fault i know but there hasnt been any time for me to rest just latly ,or i would have ,my family especially hubby dont really know what to do with me cause its been a little while since ive had such a flare ,april to be exact .

i can hardly walk ,dusted the crutches off and trying to look after my family as best i can ,just sat here peeling spuds for our dinner and sudenly realised i was putting peelings in the saucepan instead of plastic bag ,doh !

is it bedtime yet im soo tired ,

hugs to everyone else having a bad day :)

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Oh lynz,I do hope you feel better soon.You know the drill now,you rest and accept as much help as you can.

Is Hubby able to take over the cooking and the kids and let you go to bed.

Wishing you well as soon as possible.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxx


thanks jayne ,my daughter has taken over cooking and hubby is cleaning up ,so thats good ,ive been sleeping some of the afternoon so that was nice ,but my house isnt really one you can rest in lol ,nevermind bedtime soon xxx


poor you hun, at this moment i totally empathise!! havent had this bad flare in a long time!!

got kids dentist tomorow after school, my mot tuesday, suffolk hospital thurs, and carer mon and fri!! i need to rest aaaaaargh!!!

hugs hunni xxxxx


you too hun i hope you feel a little better what with such a busy week coming up ,always the way isnt so many appointments in one week

must catch up soon :)

hugs to you too xxxxx


anyone think it could be due to the weather as we all seem to be having bad flare ups i had a bad one last week and still fighting it xxxx


it does make me wonder ,with the weather being so hay wire latly ,and like you say there is a lot of us having bad times of late isnt there ,

hope you fight it off soon harvey xxx


yeah seems to be we are all having flare ups which is not good weather you need to make up your mind so we can have a break lol

hope your feeling better soon hun xx


Hugs Lynz, that's the worst of this thing, it lulls you into a false sense of security then whips your feet out from under you again.



it is helen ,i had a feeling that it was lurking ,so i should have listend ,but we all learn from our mistakes ,i havnt even done anything mad ,just walked a bit ,and then tidyed my daughters bedroom ,just cant believe i feel this rubbish ,but like i say i think its been lurking there like a gremlin lol waiting to get me



hello lynz it is so hard when we have a flare up I know its easier said than done but rest is what you need now take care love beth xx


this afternoon my hubby and daughters have been great ,so i have been resting ,reading my kindle ,my hubby got me a book on it that ive been wanting ,so eating ice lollies as im soooo thirsty ,and reading a good book if i wasnt in so much pain it would be heaven lol xxxx


Bless you poor little thing but it sounds like yoour hubby and kids have got it covered you sound as though you gat a good family who all muck in and help which is half the battle i am lucky like that but some people are not as lucky as us are they . i love my kindle i just downloaded the 50 dhades of grey triology i amnow on thr 3rd one it is so easy to use and so light you dont have to hold i prop mine up on my legs then just flick the pages across with my thumb how brill is that ?

hope that yo soon come out of your flare love to you diddle xxxx


Oh dear I hope you feel better soon its the damp in the air I am sure of it... I find that I have to keep my feet warm at all times. But that's due to heart meddle lol. Rest up. Petal


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