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Finally the day for docs has come


So tomorrow , is my day for docs and and finally getting results, and also for an ecg. .?.. Don't know what this is for, but can't wait to find out, as been worrying me . So Guys and Girls wish me luck, and hopefully I will come out smiling and not crying. Then the dreaded sainsburys run , hips and back killing so not sure how this trip going to pan out, hub says use wheel chair , never used it yet, so damn stubborn , I just stop and start and pay for it, and can't move for the rest of day or night. Stupid I know, but new to this fybro, more use to IBS -D . So I need to get my head around both. Blah blah blah . Hope everyone is as good as can be. Gentle hugs as most say, xxxx

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Good luck at the doctor I hope it all goes well xx👍

Blue52 in reply to rosie-2015

Thank you .x

HiddenAdministrator in reply to Blue52

The best of luck tomorrow blue, I wish you well :)

Blue can you lock your post when posting? click on *community* rather than *everyone*, otherwise anyone searching on the interent can see it :) XX

Blue52 in reply to Hidden

Oops I thought I was, will keep an 👁 On my clicks.x

Wishing you the very best and sending you lots of positive vibes for tomorrow 🙂🙂

Foggy x

Hope all goes as well as can be expected x

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)

I did exactly the same, wouldn't use a chair because that was for old folks or those worse off than me. I would get of the bus, go into one shop and that was me.

But when I first gave in and started with shopmobililty, oh the freedom, and less pain. My partner actually bought me a travel scooter when we were going on holiday. And it was the best buy ever.

Now I use an electric wheelchair as it hurts my hands to use the scooters for any length of time. But go for it.

Initially I would be embarrassed to be seen on the chair, but it still is the best thing ever.

Oh and the ecg is probably just routine, they tend to do it as a precaution against anything

ecg electrical cardio gram looks at the rhythm of your heart and how it's doing whether there are any changes to the normal patten of a heart. shows if there is any damage if it's running ok if you have had or having a heart attack

Don't worry about the ECG results, arythmia is part of some peoples Fibro I had to shoehorn my wife into her scooter! I think that saving your resources for pleasant things and using what ever aids you need is better than worrying about what strangers think. The first time out on chortle(the scooter) we met people my wife didn't want to bump into, after the exchange she realised that seeing her in chortle really drives home the fact that she is ILL. Why save other people's awkward feelings and make yourself worse, often for strangers. Look after yourself first!

Thanks Jaymp, will take this on board


Good luck xx

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