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Crashed and burned!

The last 2 weeks have been brilliant, apart from the odd twinge I've felt almost normal. I've walked a couple of gentle miles most days and had very little pain afterwards until today that is...I went for a walk again yesterday but woke at 5:30 this morning in agony, talk about crash and burn. My hips are in so much pain I can barely walk, it's such an extreme reaction I'm convinced more than ever there's a weather link. It can't just be coincidence that while the sun's been out I've felt good and as soon as it turns wet and cold I'm in pain. The silver cloud is I'm going away on Tuesday to Malta so if I'm right I should hopefully feel better again soon.

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Hi Lolly i think weather does effect Fibro i am feeling good in good weather but like yuk in the cold/damp/dismal wet days. I hope u enjoy ur holiday x Gentle hugs 2u & 2u Chris x


u will hun malta is lovely n usually nice n warm enjoy ,oh n im convinced the weather has a big part to play with our pain love Tofty xx


I hate it when that happens, i have been going through a good patch and i am sure it will end soon. I have still had normal pain but not the agony pain.

There must be something in the water with malta as chris has just came back and another of my fibro friends hads too.

I hope you have a lovely time and i hop your crash and burn doesnt last too long.

hugs, kel xxxx


Thanks all, couldn't get out of bed this morning so boyfriend had to help me up lol but once I'd taken some co codamol and they'd kicked in I've realised I'm a lot better than yesterday, so things are looking up. I've managed to get the packing done so roll on tomorrow morning (not relishing the 4am start though:-()

Thanks again for the good wishes xx


Weather definately affects me. I feel the cold dreadfully and can hardly move when it is cold and damp/wet! I am the joke of my work place, we wear fleeces as part of our uniform and mine NEVER comes off. But sometimes, when the weather is really hot, I can feel as bad as when it is cold and I start to swell up.Joints feel really stiff. Then I feel ungreatful as if I am never satisfied! Best wishes to all. Sue x


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