Can't sleep!surprise!

Right so I can't sleep, but most of all I am going over things in my head!why doesn't anyone understand or know anything about fibro?my family don't even want to try!why is fibro not so people are more aware of.on top of fibro I have ME.i am just ranting now!just want to send out my thoughts to anyone who is awake and thinking things over,actually to anyone with fibro.

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  • Hi this lack of sleep really drags us down doesnt it and makes us go over our problems I think alot of us can identify with you as family and friends so often dont understand and are not willing to try. my family find it hard and I am sure they think I could do more if I tried but at least on here there is always someone to talk to or listen message me anytime

  • hi iknow how you feel totally i have been up since 3.55 am too with bout 2 hours sleep if that yep its great this fibro isnt it lol love to you diddle xx

  • Right so I managed two hrs sleep and now I have the stupid fibro chest pain.i am so glad to be on here to,as like you say everyone understands.i am thinking of trying to get myself in a position where I can raise awareness and publicity for us fibro peeps!

  • Fibro is a nightmare we have low seratonin. I take citalopram to help with sleep but it does not always work. Also with us our brains are always firing as we make glutamate and this binds to receptors and activates the brain. Even doing a small task other areas of our brain activate. I do meditate with a guided meditation which helps to sooth the mind. Because we don't sleep enough we have more pain. Vicious circle.

  • I've had hynotherapy for pain.that was great.but it is affording it!i tell u having fibro is like being in a hamster wheel!yourgoing round and round but not being anywhere!

  • hi there your not on your own my family dont understand this illness nether an i get really upset as im in so much pain that i dont see my family an they dont seen botherd at all ,which is really up setting i hope things get better for you hun hugs tracey x

  • hi what meds do you take i was on amitriptlyn 2-3 a night to help sleep but my doc has just changed me to nortriptlyn 1 a night and they work i do sleep now but feel a tadge groggy in the mornin but its worth it to get some sleep i dont think many people understand our condition i have cfs/me and fibro so i know how you feel ive had a very busey weekend and now im suffering the pain in my legs is hidious hope you find something that helps you get some sleep soon joed

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