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can't sleep again

hello it's 4am i can't sleep again painful and uncomfortable laying in bed so i thought i would post my first blog it has taken a week to pluck up the courage (hope my spellings ok) im 49 diagnosed fibro 17 years ago also depression pain killers do'nt seem to be working tonight pain seems to be everywhere i feel tired but can't get comfy to sleep it's been like this all week love reading everyones thoughts on here especially on nights like this


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sorry to hear you are in so much pain and the meds not working it is so bad when you have times like that. keep warm and hope you get a little more sleep.

gentle hugs



Hi and glad you blogged.... I know this is going to sound silly but have you had a med review recently re sleeping .. I am in my 40s had fibro 23 years and its only in the past two years I have found the right combination of anti depressants taken with a very low dose muscle relaxant and I get sleep now maybe I have the odd wakeful night but its very rare. Sorry you have had to join us, but you have Definately found a great site

VG x


Hi, very grumpy. Am interested to know what medication you are taking, to help you sleep. Am desperate for a few good nights sleep.

Have had fms for years, but its got worse over the last 18months. I am 56. Am at wits end.X

Is there anyone out there that comes from Whitstable Area? I'd like to get in touch.


Hello RobCathy, if you look in our Support Directory, hopefully there will be a Support Group near you. Take a look by clicking on the link below -

If you are having sleep problems, please have a word with your GP, they may be able to help you regarding this.

Take care. (((hug))) xxx



Hi Libs,

thank you for contacting me, but they don't seem to have a support group in my area. I would start one up, but do not like speaking in public.

I just wanted to speak with other people.

Many thanks though.




Hi wolfy

Welcome to the site i'm sure like most of us you will find it a great support, especially on nights when you cant sleep and the hours seems to drag by, we've all been there! I agree with VG perhaps a visit to the gp and a review of meds would be helpful, it takes time and trial and err to find the right combination and doseage of meds, its often a long drawn out process but definetly one worth pursuing; after all like it says in the ad we're worth it lol.

Wishing you a more comfortable day

Take care and take it easy


Dixie x



oh dear lack of sleep is awful , makes everything so hard

I have a slow release painkiller so it is in my system all night

It is always nice to hear from new members but sad that you are so sore

Please take care x J


I was only diagnosed two days ago, I've had this thing for years tho, I've not slept properly for at least 7 years now I know why, I've been going doctors for a long time with complaints they just fobbed me off. Get blogging and don't be shy, especially if you can't sleep seems its one if the most common ailments ,, everyone's here for you,, x


Hi Wolly sorry you are in a lot of pain dont worry

we are all here to help you so feel free to post what

you like and we will answer if we can

hope your pain eases and you feel better soon

all the best



thanks everyone wasn't expecting a reply got to sleep about 6am but woke again at 9am takes time to wake up properly 3 hours or 12 hours sleep feel just as tired when i get up takes so long to get going seems worse when its cold like this thanks again



Oh what a shame it was 5.45 before i eventually went to bed we could have chatted .I went to bed and my stomach started then pai in legs fingers etc .Im tired today and have done nothing all day except watch tv .xx


Hello and welcome Wolfy, lovely to see you here with us all! Please know that we all understand how you feel we all have Fibro here even Admin and our Volunteer Team do, so we go through the same things and do feel for you.

Please pop along to see your GP when you are able to, you may need a meds review, we all need this from time to time as our symptoms can change along the way, also our pain levels can alter too.

Hopefully you will be prescribed something to help with your sleeping problems and also for your pain.

I hope you manage to get some restful sleep soon. In the mean time please know that we are all here for you and we will do our best to help you the best we can.

Take care.

(((hug))) xxx



hello been loads of times lost count not been for a while don't seem to get anywhere i get multiple pain head neck shoulder back hips knees ankles feet hands thumb joints rls i'm sure there's more hips seem worse i wake up and can't move without pain it can take 20 mins or more to get out of bed body is painful to the smallest of creases in bed sheet i've been to a specialest at the begining i was diagnosed 17 years ago it wasn't as bad then i get bad muscle pain was told he could not do anything for it and the rls i've learnt more since found this site i cope with my rls by a fan blowing just on my feet works every time



Hi Wolfy

I really feel for you, I go through the same sort of thing, especially the RLS, do you take medication for this? I have found Pramipexole, and Tramadol helpful for RLS.

Good idea about the fan, I hate the burning hands and feet, I was thinking of trying a freeze gel, and also my whole body burns so much that i heat up the sheets!



hope the pain eases soon..i too am having a bad flare up atm,went drs yesterday and hes put me on narproxen,will see how things go?


hi i'm on naproxen i'm also on robaxin co dydramol when needed as well as dosulopin life seems to be controlled by pills most seem to cause more problems



your on quite alot of pills then.... my pains used to come and but 2 weeks b4 xmas they started up again and havn.t stopped as yet, just thinking now is this it for the rest of my life?or will i get a pain free day ever again? feeling very low atm,its a good job i'm on anti-depressants cus if not god knows where i would be??!! i also care for our autistic son who is 11 and we have a 13 year old daughter as well. sorry to rant on,i know im not the worlds worst sufferer out there bu i have been so used to doing stuff and leading a very active life :-( thanx for your post wolfy :-)

paula x


mine come and go always feeling run down tired i do have trouble sleeping my legs hurt most days i do suffer through my whole body but not all time thank goodness but i've been feeling worse since this bad weather started it's hard enough looking after yourself stress doesn't help i miss playing football only pub team but i got really fit ran 5 miles a day it can take 20 mins or more to get out of bed these days people far worse than me out there how do they cope i think you feel better when you get things out of your system



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