Sweats with fibro doing my head in!!!!

Hi guys....

Today i'm fit to be tied, stood in queue in bank today and the sweat was literally dripping off me! An elderly lady offered me a tissue and i was mortified. She then whispered in my ear "have u fm pet"? I stated i had and she told me to go to Holland & Barrett and get some SAGE capsules which i did ...... so watch this space for an update on whether they work or not.

Tender hugs

Jillybee xxx

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  • i get exactly the same on a regular basis so i.ll be very interested in your findings.x

  • aww bless ya i know how you feel iam like that all the time and it does my head in think ill try them tablets, anythings worth a try , i wudnt mind but its just my face and hair aarrrgggg xx

  • Paula i spent £50 in hairdressers yesterday, came out of shop like a model and 3 hrs later hit my front door like a wet shaggy dog lol whats the point???

  • I have the exact same problem. I am amazed someone else has this problem, the sweat goes out my head, my hair gets so wet you would think I just got out of the shower. Is there something I can do ab out it?

  • I so feel for you mrdibs, it is annoying that u never feel fresh and comfortable. The guy in shop said it took take up to 10 days to start working but i will def let u know.

    Take things easy...

    Jillybee xx

  • hello jillybee

    I am the same I would like to know how you get on with them take care love beth xx

  • Hi beth..

    I'm up to trying anything, if it does't work at least i will know i tried it...

    Take care,

    Jillybee xx

  • im the same especially my face and hairline , i work in a bar so its pretty embarrasing at times , i look like ive had a pint tipped over my head lol so would be interested to see if these tablets work xx

  • I get this all the time and have taken to using a hand held fan to waft myself with just a cheapo souvenir kindda one . but will be interested in the sage , hope it helps x

  • Hi all I have used sage ams it works I have M.E. Also stay away fron sugar.

  • Thanks for your comments guys, they are much appreciated. Floozy i got a fan back from spain it is excellant when ur too warm,

    Chris67 do u mean stay off sugar just while using sage or all the time? :( thinking of my sweet tooth lol

  • sage tablets do work but take a few weeks to kick in soft hugs tofty xxxx

  • Oh excellant. Tofty the sooner the better :))

    Thank u for sharing that news!!

    Take care..

    Jillybee xx

  • I am defo going to try these sage tabs as i hate all this sweating I do even just brushing my hair and i can break out in a sweat, I really hope they work, fingers crossed. Hilly xx

  • I know the feeling Hilly i even look at the hoover and i break out!! I need these tablets to work or i am going to bury my head under a pillow and stop breathing lol

  • Been struggling with these sweats for years. mostly at night, but often by day too, for no reason I can think of. Just neck, chest, face and scalp. My doc said they were caused by my thyroid and nothing could be done about it. So unti I found this site that is what I have believed. I will be really interested to find out if the Sage works

  • You know what guys, a bottle of sage capsules, enough for one month costs only £6 why wait to see what happens? Why not just start them? It would mean u would be one hopefully sweat free in two weeks?

    Just a thought....

    Hugs tho' gentle

    Jillybee xxx

  • Sage is the best thing I have ever tried for sweats. Stopped mine in about 10 days. Take them with food coz they can repeat on empty stomach. I found that out the hard way lol

  • Hi siver52...

    The guy in shop did say 10 days before i noticed a difference in the sweats, considering the size of the capsules they are really easy to take. Will let you know how it goes!

    Jillybee xx

  • Hi Jillybe Thanks for that info I too get a lot of sweats I prefer to call them glowing! I am going to try age thanks for the info x Sparkie

  • Hi Sparkie13...

    Fingers crossed sage will help us both :)

    Jillybee xx

  • Hi Jillybee I can so empathise with you but at least the lady asked if it was FM, the last person to as me thought it was the change of life!!! inside I was screaming NO I AM TOO YOUNG ~ but politely told her no it was FM!! Like a lot of the the other comments it affects only my head and as a result I had my lovely long hair cut very very short two years ago as I could not cope some days trying to brush it out after the sweating had stopped....

    It will be interesting to see how you get on, GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Hi san229...

    I went into menopause at 37 i`m now 50 and still on HRT.

    I Had to cut my hair too, it clung soaking wet to my scalp....Hated the feeling. Btw the hot flushes were bad but the sweats are a nightmare!!

    Take care

    Jillybee xx

  • Hi Jillybee,

    I thought perhaps I was hitting the menopause but I have now heard so many fellow Fybros complaining about extreme sweats I wonder if it is more likely that. It is embarrassing as it literally runs of you and my hair gets plastered to my head! Let us know how the sage goes please. I take so many meds that I am reluctant to add anything else.

    I tried the holistic approach for the first year I had Fybro but eventually the pain was unmanageable although at the mo I am using hypno healing.

    Take care



  • Mel...

    The sweats are totally different from hot flushes. Your GP can do a FSH blood test to check levels of hormones in your body. That will let you know if you are starting the menopause.

    Sounds more like FM to be truthful, i am having accupuncture at the minute and it is great! Will try anything to be truthful.

    Jillybee xx

  • Morning Jelly bee,

    Yeah I agree with you on the FM/Menopause thing. I have gone with acupuncture on three occasions now, the last time I was very optimistic but the docs were changing some of my meds and we had to keep changing needle positions to get a new.flow and.balance. I would of persevered and continued but the cost became prohibitive.

    Like you I will try anything now and approach everything as open minded as I can. I am currently trying hypno-healing. We touched on it in part when I was at the pain clinic some yrs ago. It is all to do with meditation, relaxation and visualization. Sounds a bit out there I suppose but as we have both said, give anything a go eh :-) (buying some sage caplets by the way)

    Hope you have a relatively pain free day.

    Speak to you soon

    Mel xxx

  • I must apologise for the typo on your name heh-heh!!! Hope you are not offended, I was thinking of a jellybean when I typed it.

    Speak again soon Jillybee ;-)

  • Hi Jillybee

    Its so nice to know that its not just me! I've always been really embarrassed about my head sweating (nothing else seems to) because its the bit that everyone's looking at. That's it. I'm straight off to H&B for Sage pills tomorrow. Thank you so much for your post.



  • Hi Jo,

    I know how you feel, i cringe with embarrassment when the sweat drops of the end of my nose lol I have taken to wearing tennis sweatbands!!

    There will be a sudden rush for sage capsules if these turn out to work!!

    Take care

    Jillybee xx

  • Well after reading all these comments i am going to get some sage capsules next week when i go shopping.Does anyone know if it's ok to take them with other meds prescribed by Dr.

    I take thyroxine metformin solpodol amytriptyline codeine and glimepiride also trimethoprim for urine infections.

    Someone told me to try cherry active to help you sleep,tried it and don't think it's helping.I bought an electric fan to use on my face/head while doing hair & make up.Will let you know if it works.

    Carol xx

  • Hi Boxter,

    I also take a load of medications and was also concerned if there would be any contra-indications. The guy in Holland & Barrett asked me detailed questions on what meds i was on, and seemed happy enough to give them to me. He was more concerned if i had been on cancer treatments and warfarin. If you are really concerned ask your pharmacist/GP.

    Never heard of cherry active but will check it out, Try the sage if it works its a bonus if not, well at least you tried.

    Take care,

    Jillybee xxx

  • OMG I suffer these facial, head & neck sweats really badly & have done for years. I feel it has taken over & ruined my life. I was only diagnosed with fibro in Feb this year. Between the sweats & pain I am very reluctant to go out as I imagine everyone looks at me then I get more anxious & the sweating gets worse.

    I am goin to try these sage tablets. I would do anything to get the sweats to stop. I sometimes wonder what is worse the sweats, pain or fatigue?

    Lots of luck & luv

    Jacie xx

  • Hi Jacie...

    I honestly think all three are horrendous but the sweats r really debilitating. I feel so fed up being like this, my life feels like it's on hold!!!

    Try the sage, something has got to work for us ;)

    Take it easy

    Jillybee xx

  • have a look on ebay they re cheaper on there

  • don't mean to be rude, but are you sure you aren't going through peri_ menopause?(leading up to the menopause) as i went on like this for some time,as usual everything put down to fibro by docs, under new g.p put on everol sequi h.r.t patches and the awful sweats have stopped, sage tablets are used as a alternative to h.r.t don't know how they work, healthspan is a good place to get decent sage tablets and other alternative things and i find their stuff is good quality(if you get really cheap stuff they can be pumped up with fillers so are not as effective) with healthspan you don't pay p&p(i think they are based in jersey or guernsey)

  • ive had fibro 38 years and assumed this was just hot flushes it helps to know that im not the only on e3 but now feel sorry for everyone else who has it too will be good to know if the sage helps x

  • I wonder if making herbal tea out of fresh sage would work as I have a big plant in my garden!Ant ideas? x

  • Avarose.....

    There's a great idea, just wondering would u get the exact dosage u need to stop the sweats?

    Jillybee xx

  • Well,I will make sage tea and drink it every day and see if it helps,will let everyone know,also can chop the leaves into my recipes. I would think that fresh sage would be more powerful than dried. xx

  • so Im new to this thread, but I need help. You said you would make sage tea, where do you get sage and how much should I drink?


    I have sent you a Private Post suggesting some places that sell sage tea. There is a non-advertising policy on the forum so I cannot paste it onto the thread.

    If you click your white envelope at the top of the page it will take you to your message inbox.

    Take care


  • Jilliebee, its defo not menopausal with me even though I am going through it. Was on HRT but it did'nt work or help sweats so they took me off it as I have high BP. I understand when you say you feel it debilitating coz I do too. I have missed out on so many fun things & family events because of it. I honestly honestly hate summer as it makes it worse too. I cant even wear a coat in winter. Today I have dried my hair 5 times with hairdryer. I also have ceiling fans in every room. If I had money I'd install air con. Its so draining too. I'm gonna ask my Mum to go to H&B tomorrow if she can & get me the sage tablets.

    On a brighter note I got my appointment for pain clinic. 11th July. I've only been waitin

    from Feb.

    Here's hoping we all have a dry night but very doubtful.

    Luv n hugs


  • Hi electricjaws,

    I was also on the Seroquel Patches, no good, then put on an HRT tablet, still no good. Thankfully I had an appointment at HRT Clinic & had a massive sweat attack while there. Thc lady Consultant I was seeing said my sweating like that was definately hormonal.

    Worth a try for those of a certain age though.

    Luv n hugs


  • Hi Jackie

    I also went to hrt clinic and was told that the tests i had came back that the estrogen i was taking was def being absorbed into my system therefore the sweats were not hormonal.

    I can so relate to the not wearing coats and missing family events.

    Sorry for swearing but i feel this bloody fibro has taken the real me and left a worthless empty shell in its place!!

    I will get a hold on this but not today, i have had no sleep, i'm cranky and have aches in places i never knew existed...my family are buzzing with planning my 50th birthday party, me? I couldn't give a damm!!! That is soo not the REAL jilly :'(

    Love n stuff

    Jillybee xx

  • Sorry, she said it was definately *not hormonal*

    Jackie xx

  • This is very interesting. I saw the Rheumatologist on Friday, and asked him about the sweats ( I am constantly sweating-face, hair, chest are worst). He said it wasn't anything to do with my Fibromyalgia. He said that it was due to my Hypermobility having an effect on my Autonomic Nervous System. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type, and he said some symptoms were linked to the Fibro but others were due to Hypermobility.

    It is very interesting that so many FM sufferers all have the sweats too. I would also be very interested to find out if the Sage works.

    Love and hugs

    Charlene x

  • just going to pick the sage! will let everyone know how it goes. Have a good day everyone x

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