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omg my rheumatology doc does my head in !


just got home from being out today ,there is a hospital letter on my mat ,(you get to know what they look like now before even opening it lol )

so i open it to find an appointment has been made for me at the .........

rheumatology injection clinic !!! drum role please !!!

i have no idea why though ,last i heard the rheumy doc was sighning me off !

she sent me for some tests to see if i had carpel tunnel syndrome ,which wasnt plesent i might add ,havnt had any letter telling me results of that ,but i get this appointment out of the blue !

why though ,and what joint are they injecting !

no exsplanation at all ! so im supposed to go up the hospital to let them inject me (with what i have no idea either ) and i have absolutly now bl**** idea why

im absolutly fuming !!!!!! grrrrrrrrr

its my body !!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for letting me get that off my chest :)

hugs to all xx

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Sorry to hear that, phone up the Drs Secretary and ask what it is about. I am sure you will get an answer. Failing that your GP may know as the Drs at the Hospitals write to your GP after a consultation updating them.

There is a serious lack of communication in the NHS!! x

Hi Lynz can you tell me what test you had for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome please?

lynz in reply to 1961may

i cant remember what it was called now a ECsomthing test ,they have a hand held thing that has two little prongs in it ,she places the prongs in to certain spots and little electric shocks are given to you ,and she records it when i had it done she had to put the prongs digging into the inside of my arm where the elbow is and that did hurt cause that is one of my tender spots cause of my fibro .hope that helps xx

Oh dear! Lynz, i doo feel for you, you're right they don't like telling us what they are doing! Do you get tingling/numbness down the centre to outside edge of hands and electric like shocks? do they swell?

/i have carpel tunnel no fun : (

hugs poppy xxx

Hi lynz, oh dear you sound mad. :P

Could it be that your tests came back that you have carpol tunnel? Its just i know they give you injections for carpol tunnel that helps the symptoms for a while. They offered them to me but i went for the op instead.

I hope you have calmed down huni, hugs, kel xxxx

lynz in reply to jazher

yes you are probably right arnt you ,ive read that somewhere ,but it would be nice to be told lol :)

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