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The heart foundation were here at 10 am so nice and early so that was good then a neighbour knocked on the door with a bunch of flowers and a thankyou card for me she lost her husband to cancer last july and i was telling her about disabled bus passes that are free and she would be entitled to one i took her all the details and called them up and her a form sent out she done it and got one a month later it is saving her £50 to ££60 a month and she is over the moon so that was kind of her to do that bless her .

I am just waiting for my daughter to have a bath and we are popping into town for a bit and then thats it we were going to go see my little grandson as he starts football training today he shown me all his kit a couple of days ago but he dont want us to go see him the 1st time or so so we got to go in few weeks whenhe bit more confident he is only 4 bless him and get shy at times so you never know he could be the next David Beckham and his brother Wayne Rooney as he will be starting in 2 years time

I hope you all ok nd weather being kind to you today we just hada huge shower of rain but it is all lovely now blue sky and sunshine x

love to you all Diddle xxxx


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hello Diddle that was a nice thing to do for your neighbour hope you have had a nice time in town take care love beth xx


hi diddle its nice to recive flowers. the same happened to me on thursday my next door neighbour moved near her daughters and one of them gave me some flowers to say thanks for all i had done over the past 12 yrs. it was so thoughtfull of her. hope you have a good time in town and watching your grandson playing football. soft hugs xx


So pleased you have had a nice day when poeple are kind to us it makes us feel so much better. I have 4 grandsons who all do football training on a saturday the youngest is 4 and he and his dad are massive leeds utd fans so he puts on his leeds kit to train. i havent had chance to watch him yet as he lives an hour away for me. I hope you have another good day today take care Sue xx


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