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Feeling better :)

Well these last few days have been much better,no anxiety hardly. I just wanted to show how different I can be and what a roller coaster I'm on. I must say the lady who said about concentrating on me and my relationship with my wonderful kids has helped. Who needs a man anyway? In my case they have brought me nothing but trouble.

I've had my six week review at the gym and my trainer is very pleased with my progress, he has added a few more exercises to see if I can cope,I tried the cross trainer and boy that was hard and caused immense pain in my shoulders and neck as well as my legs,will have to see how I go with that one.. Right am off now to get my sons friend who is coming for the day.

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Well done hun

It is so good to hear positive stories like this, gives us all a sense of hope.

Enjoy your weekend.



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