Animals make you better?

I am a great believer in relaxation.

Not sleep as that eludes many of us with Fibro!

Fast forward to a time when my woofs keep me company unless of course I am hosting children from Belarus (see picture)

Our little collection of little dogs are like medicine sometimes it works other times not.

I have got better at relaxing as the dogs sit on my foot stool and snore their heads off. Automatically most people slow breathing down when their is a regular softish noise around. (babes can be lulled my washing machine going)

So well done woofs for getting me to relax!

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  • My favorite sound in the world is my cat purring. When I can't sleep at night he will curl up in my arms like a baby - paw either side of my neck. Our pets know when we're in pain and mine always curls up with me. Thanks for sharing the photo, your pooches are beautiful :)

  • I've always said that when I'm on my deathbed I want the last sound I hear to be a cat's purr!

  • I so agree with you.....whatever animal can bring comfort and love when we need them. I have a Greek rescue dog who went through hell and he knows when I need him close by...better than a g & t any day!

    Trikki x

  • Good for you, I don't have animals but a fan can get me to sleep when nothing else can!! Peck.🐤

  • Couldn't be without my little Labradoodle. For the 2 years since I had her she has kept me getting up and going out every day.

  • Definitely.

    We have two cats and one of them snores. I was relaxing after my lunch and one of them jumped on my lap. Ok, just a little while then I must do some ironing.

    So cat starts purring, then snoring. And an hour and a half later I got to start the ironing after I woke up!! :P xx

  • My old neighbours dog use to bark all night and really get me down! So one night I lent over the fence and picked up his dog and put it in my garden to see how he liked having a dog barking all night!

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Good one! :D :D xx

  • x :)

  • Yes totally agree, our little Jack Russell (she is still tiny) is 9 months today and has been so good for me, she keeps me up and about and always comes to snuggle when I'm on the sofa and if I'm suffering badly she just comes and settles in my arms or along my back and she goes to sleep and that always sends me off to sleep too!

    Plus she is a great sounding board, I can open up to her & it gets things off my chest and stops me stressing as much - it's why we called her Lucy (big snoopy & Peanuts fan) the doctor is in $0.5!

  • I live alone with three dogs and four cats. Used to be eight cats, but old age has taken four of them in the past couple of years. I can easily live without humans, but I could never live without non-human animals, they feed my soul.

  • There's no doubt about it. Pets as therapy animals are getting accepted in more institutions. I remember seeing a piece about a terminally ill person whose dog was brought in to hospital. The staff were overwhelmed by the emotion and peace.

    I'm following the BBC theme on countryside at the moment. Apart form it was live from Portland Bill lighthouse this morning, its about how being in a peaceful place can do wonders. And a project for people with mental health problems change in such setting. To me its obvious. what are we missing. Its a shame not everyone can manage a pet, or to get out and about.

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