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Feeling low and useless!

Hi everyone, been sitting in bed awake for few hours and came on this site through a friend who said it helps, I'm on all sorts of meds and I am still in pain!! Had these problems for years but I am getting worse, I have 4 kids and my husband who cares for us all, without him I would not cope, I put a brav face on for all to see but even thats a chore, I have been on a flare up for that long now that I can't remember feeling well, awake, and a proper wife and mother, anybody else feel the same? These problems rule me now, I did use to have a bit of control but that's gone too ??

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yes i know exactly how you feel ,ive got 5 children ,so know how hard it is ,

putting your brave face on is somthing we all do on here ,sometimes you could even call it a mask ,cause thats how it feels dosnt it ,

is your gp sympathetic to your condition ? cause it sounds like the meds you are taking arnt really doing the trick are they ?

this site dose really help ,when i first came on here i was really low ,i had only been dx about 4 months ,had it for yrs but only just dx .

i have learnt so much from this site ,all the different meds that people take ,what everyone else is suffering with ,sounds silly but with this condition somtimes when somthing else pops up you think you are going mad ,but to realise that other people are suffering the same things really helps ,

also to know that they are people here that understand exactly how you feel ,

i think that is the best bit ,and you can moan and rant to hearts content ,and no one will judge cause we all know how you feel ,

well ive gone on long enough ,i hope this makes sence lol

sending gentle hugs your way :-D


thank you so much for your kind reply :-)


thank you chris, i shall look at those sites!




What wonderful people you all are, thank you for being honest and open, and the mask is right... Lol today I ain't got one on, sometimes just getting up for the loo can feel like we're climbing a mountain! I will post again I have just been bad today x thank u for the welcomes , it's nice to know people who have the same struggles x x marie


I found this forum just through google and it really has changed my life. I don't have a partner and children, but did have a successful professional career and busy social life before I got too ill to keep working so I can still identify with the not feeling like I'm worth anything.

Welcome, and stick around. It's amazing what a difference it makes just to have people who understand how you feel.

The mask is a must for me because my main social contact now is my Dad who can't take seeing me ill. The rest of my life is on face-book as all my friends are 400 miles away except those I've made on here - who are even further away but at least I can be honest with.

The first person who responded to you mentioned seeing your GP for a review of your meds. You will probably have got loads of suggestion from the pages Christine referred to and people on here will share their experience of different meds because we're all different.

Welcome again.

Whippets x


Hello Rosie

sorry you are feeling down and useless. I know the feeling well.

I have no children, partner or family with me. Been on my own for over 6 years now. I haven't worked for over 4 years and when I packed up that was when the rot set in bad.

I am not good with many drugs, and I'm rather fed up with them being thrown at me and making me feel worse. I have sjogren's syndrome also and I believe that causes a lot of drug intolerance. the leaflet actually says Do NOT take drugs unless absolutely necessary. So I was given Plaquenil at 400mg a day, an anti malaria drug which they give for rhuematoid arthritis.

But as I am now suffering from quite extreme anxiety and depression I have decided on the advice of my GP, after a month of having the duloxetine 30mg in the cupboard unopened to start them. Today is my third day of them.

So far I have been able to get to sleep but wake up very early, as we often do. I just lay there not wanting to face the day.

I decided to volunteer at a charity shop and went along there yesterday to see the ropes, and I am starting next week on the till. I am also going to be calling on an old fella who is in a wheelchair as befriender with a local organisation who supports older people in my area.

Hopefully this will get me feeling useful again, and I have always been a caring person and usually have a good sense of humour, which seems to have gone out the window lately. I am also doing my best to go swimming regularly as this lifts your mood.

I put a brave face on too, and I've done this so much during my life I wonder if I am actually okay or not.

People say :-You look well" but they have no idea how you feel inside.

We have to be very brave and that is not always easy when you just want to shut yourself away because you feel no use, no point.

But we have to have hope.

I hope you feel you are amongst friends here and get comfort from the forums.

Hugs and good wishes coming your way

Plumcake :)


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