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my life: friends

I have been reading through the blogs and time and time again friends seem to hurt us again and again, please WHY it really kills me the things i have had done to me, i collect aftershave twenty or so bottles a few weeks ago i told 90% of my so called friends to no longer call, the ones i had left i new since childhood, just realized one is missing, WHY my head is in a bad place already now one of the four or five actually has came into my house as a guest and stole, what do i do? so tired of it all, with all the others in the blogs whats happened to people, when i was growing up it was all about helping others when did people turn into greedy malniputive sorry about the spelling, self centred, ugly people. if all the people who i know are added to the scum who the people in the blogs write about, that's some amount wrong uns. or is it thats the nature of people now, breaks my heart, were did the good people go, i'm gutted do i stop letting anyone in, become more isolated, ahh people on this site, i've lost the faith in people, how are you supposed to go out and meet people the pain in my legs after no time to much i can feel every step in my shoulders,sitting here the pain right down my arms and right through out my body from head to toe, and now another has stole of me,going to have a good day now, what's wrong with people, sorry for going on i have no answers any more god bless everyone tiny hugs to everyone and whoever made this site thank you xxxxxx

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hi hagi, Good morning

i thought it was just me and me losing my mind. People have no respect for themselves or others. dont lock yourself away just try to meet different people and try to rebuild your trust and confidence. I have been burnt by even family and it hurts. but life goes and and tomorrow will be a better day :) soft hugs ziggy




Its really hard when things like this happen to us. Some of my family dont understand the way I am but they are still there for me. After saying that I have some wonderful friends who are sympathetic of the way I am. Would it be possible for you to confide in one of your friends so that might be a positive start. Also are then any Fibro/ME CFS support groups in your area? I know its hard to go tostart with but usually once you have done it becomes easier. Hope things work out for you and take care Sue xx


thanks for your kind words wish there was a group i could go to but there is'nt one. would love the chance to sit and talk to people face to face, but thanks for your kind words xx


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