Experiment gone wrong!

last night my10yo daughter told me she needed to do her science project for this am! i said wake me at 8 and we'll do it then (im not a sloth just recouping after an op and hubby sorting the kids in the morns!)

well, in one glass we put a coin, salt and vinegar andleft it for three mins. then in another glass we put lemonade and raisins.

hubby put a cup of tea for me on tabel too....

whilst discussing things with her i pick up first glass and start to drink, when the coin hits my teeth i realise what ive done, spitback into glass, pick up next glass and drink and i choke on the bloomin raisins................

my day can only get better!!


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  • haha i hope your day gets better that really tickled me ,i can imagine myself doing somthing like that myself lol :)

  • it s obviously soemthing to do with drinks. on monday eve i was starting tea - i had a glass of irn bru and an opened pot of cream - shoot me now!!


  • see! i cant even write a simple sentence omg what am i like !

  • OMG! Tooo funny! So glad your daughter didn't have to use anything more caustic! Thank you for kick starting my day with a laugh! Gentle hugs to you! Love, blessings, and angels too! xoxo

  • i like to think daughter and hubby would have helped me had i choked badly - but they were so busy laughing........!! xx

  • Oooohhh! They should never underestimate the revenge of a woman laughed at!!! lol xoxo

  • amen to that!! xx

  • really found this funny it puts a new meaning to wine that tastes like vinegar p

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