Getting words wrong!!!!

Class comment from my friend earlier which made me laugh so thought I would share considering we all have our moments...

We were discussing "Inverted speech marks"..............she couldn't remember the name of them and after a long thought realised they were called " Invertebrae".......What the eck!!!...........and she doesn't even have Fibromyalgia. I couldn't stop laughing....made me feel normal!!! She blamed it on the fact her Dr had given her the wrong drugs, she was going through cold turkey and felt like she was in a scene from trainspotting!!!!!

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  • Ha ha ha doctors have a lot to answer to!!!

  • lol, good one,

    gosh i hate it when i cant compute something or say something in front of people i dont know or dont know me.

  • Am always stumbling over words and forgetting what things are called...My kids think it's amusing and I don't mind that, but it is so embarrasing when I am out and among people i don't know...

  • I have lived with Fibro most of my life, and as I get older, words get jumbled up never know what word I need, and I just have everyone in kinks as I am a riot ! I know I could never work or give talks anymore, But I just see the funny side of it!

  • Good for you that is all we can do is bring humour into our lives - helps - or do i mean h.e.l.p. lol It often comes to mind as to what my brain would be doing now without the fibro after having it attached to me for many years. Would I still be of sound intelligents or as do for some when they get older their brain gets lost in time of living. All be it their are many that keep of sound mind. Tut tut I cannot honestly say I was ever of sound mind rofl

  • all the thyme..... lol.... spot the deliberate mistake....!! drives u crazy don't it!!!

  • Wed night is my scooter meeting night were we all sit around a big table in a pub, when it comes to me talking about a subject its like playing charades, everybody takes it as a game to help me as i have to go round all the houses to get the right ones out, its exhausting for me but we all have a laugh ..

  • Perfect!!! makes us feel normal :-)

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