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Fibrofog(FF) 10 - Brainblast(BB) 1


Now you may think you have stumbled across the sites home football match here but you can see that from yesterday to today I lost badly against the fibrofog side.

1st half:-

Phone rings caller asks for me by name, 'yes this is Mrs name begins with a G but I am no Goblin!!!!!! FF 1- BB 0

Asked to switch cooker on to heat up, food in, I forget to turn oven down, result black chicken!!!!!

FF 2 - BB 0

Member looking for post, I find the link and post FF 2 - BB 1 YESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Making night time drink, hubby gets tea, I take an empty cup up to bed!!! FF 3 - BB 1

Dog needs to go in garden, he is a pest so I have to trail after him, easily side tracked and loves to bark, you follow him and he is reasonably quiet. Could not work out why I was soaked to the skin. Instead of leaving heavy long length cardi on, I took it off!!!!! FF 4 - BB 1

2nd half:-

Kettle is making an awful sizzling noise, stinks and then pings off, I had not filled it up, instead I had emptied it!!!!!! FF 5 - BB 1

We are discussing where we are going to put the chairs when the french windows evetually get done. I suggested 'just dump them on the other side of the room', to which I got a reply of 'and how the hell do you suggest we get into the room if the chairs are blocking the doorwary?' I thought hubby meant when the work is actually being done not when all complete, wrong end of fibro stick silly old me FF 6 - BB 1

Hubby buys a new oven tray, I ask 'which tray should I use' the reply 'the one I have just put IN your hand FF 7 - BB 1

Daughter claims "attemtpted murder" after I put 4 paracetamol in her daily meds tray(four in three sections of each day) FF 8 - BB 1

Hubby is spitting out his cup of tea, 'sputt sputt blahhhhhhhhh' I had put the sweetner in his tea instead of my coffee!!

And as we near to full time:-

Daughter says 'can you pass me the glass please mum' and I inevitably pass her the.............wet dishcloth!!!!! FF 10 - BB 1

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FF has another name in my house. It's called TMSTR

Which stand for - Too Much S**t To Remember lol

Ozzygirl64 in reply to Akasha72

Not heard of that one, must try and remember it lol xxxxx


Lol! Sorry to giggle at your expense Ozzy, but that's like a typical day in my house with me lol!

I love how you've played it out like a football match, brilliant idea! Consider yourself scoring on the BB side, give yourself a 1, I thought your post was fantastic!

Thank you! :D (((hug))) xxx


Ozzygirl64 in reply to Hidden

FF is winning 11-1 lol. My daughter went for a soak and brought her washing down. Unwell so just been in pjs, easier for her. So I said 'pass it here, I will put it in the washer for you'. She has just been out looking for the pjs as she has left a tissue in the pocket. Not in the washer, not in the washbag in the dryer cupboard. We found them. In the carrier bag I was using for a rubbish bag, so I put them in the bin lol. She put them in the washer herself lol xxxxx

Hidden in reply to Ozzygirl64

Oh dear Ozzy! The other day I shut and bolted the side gate to keep the dogs safe in our back garden. I went inside through the conservatory through the dining room back into the kitchen. I remembered I had to empty the bin which I did. I opened the back door to find our two dogs sat on the back door step!

I had only opened the side gate to move a wheelie bin earlier, not noticed the dogs had sneaked through, so the very point of me bolting the side gate to keep them safe was pointless because they had got out behind me lol!

Thank goodness they were safe and sitting on our step. I frighten myself sometimes . . . . this Fibro Fog is really dense isn't it lol! ;) :P xxx

Ozzygirl64 in reply to Hidden

Today I had no idea what day it was, or what was happening, but I knew something was happening. Turned out that mother in law was coming to visit. I could understand me forgetting if she was some sort of ogre lol, but she isn't xxxxx

Oh Ozzygirl, i will be quietly chuckling to myself all morning at your post.Fibrofog usually gets me cross but sometimes i laugh along with the rest of the family....classic example, my 15 year old son oli was stood under the boot of our picasso which was open.I was supposed to say "oli, mind your head" as i was trying to pull the boot door down but for some reason what came out was...."oli, mind your knob!" Well hubby, and daughter fell about the car park in stitches while oli stared open mouthed at me in stunned horror! I tried to apologise but then the laughter was contagious and oli and me were soon howling like the others.....,i cant believe i spoke to my son like that and that word isnt something i would use anyway.....Damn you fibro fog!

Ozzygirl64 in reply to charlii

Oh I know, what we sometimes say can get us in so much trouble xxxxx

lol what a will win another day you will see xx

Ozzygirl64 in reply to vikki

When I do I will have a huge party xxxxx

You've cheered me up this morning Ozzygirl! Just another day in the life of a fibromite! I can identify with most of that. Have a good dayxx

I think we all can lol xxxxx

I think you should score an extra point on the BB side for remembering it all! :)

I've just been trying to have a conversation on the phone with someone from Uni I've never spoken to before, I could feel her frustration with my meandering brain zinging down the phone. I really hope she's not going to be the person I have to have an appointment with!

Had to get help on remembering some of the stuff but got there in the end xxxxx

My son and I spent quite some time yesterday discussing how I was going to give him a lift to work today as he had to start at 7am. We went all through what time we would each get up, what time we would use the bathroom etc etc then as he went to walk off I said "are you coming home tonight". I meant "How are you getting home tonight". The look he gave me was one of utter disbelief.

Ozzygirl64 in reply to lynnecw

Hubby willl tell me he has to go ut for something and a hour later I ask him if he can pick said thing up while he is out, lemonhead me xxxxx

Hi Ozzygirl,

well i surpassed myself today,my best ever fibrofog gaff.

To Grandaughter,aged 8, after we had just got back from shopping "Oh Ellie I'm so sorry I forgot your yorkshire pudding" I meant cotton wool - she wanted to make snowmen. I'd like to see her try making snowmen with yorkshire pudding. xxxxx


Ozzy how's the score going today so far, waiting for an update! ;) :)

Hope your weekend's going well for you!

(((hug))) xxx


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