any one want to do my mountain of washing ?

well after being super diy woman all week im now left with a mountain of washing ,it so big its coming down the stairs to consume me whole lol !

i could really do without doing this all day ,oh well better get on with it i suppose ,should i bother going through the knee lenght grass to put it on the line ?

only to have to run out like an idiot cause its raining !

anyone know what the weather forcast is for norfolk today ?

im sure one of our 3000 plus members must know if its going to rain lol

but who knows i think they are all hiding lol

well i best get on with it hadnt i :)

hope everyone has a good day :) :-D

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  • oh chris youve let me down lol :) are you sure you dont want to drive down to me ,you can bring your washing too lol

    i think its one of those days where they have no idea what its going to do so they give you a rain,sun ,cloud and wind sighn lol

    well my tumble dryer will going all day and probably some of the night aswell :)

    wish me luck probably wont beable to walk tomorrow lol but its got to be done :)

    love and hugs chris xx

  • yes i suppose it is lol oh well it was worth a try lol

    iam resting as we speek ,as ive gone to mum and dads to drop fathers day gift and card off ,so now having a coffee and cake yum yum lol :-D xx

  • Hi lynz, snap.

    My tumble hasnt been off due to me needing to catch up. Jasmin comes in from school at 4 gets changed and throws the clothes she has had on for only 4 hours in the wash. I have had enough so i have told her she needs to wear them after school for two days. She was mortified. But i have told her she will have to do her own ironing if she doesnt lol.

    I struggle to get in my back garden so i ususally put the clothes maiden in the side garden, but its only small.But no washing today its crap weather. :(

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • haha i can just imagine her doing that aswell ,my daughters are exactly the same lol does your head in dosnt it ,

    the thing is with my courtney is you have to wash everything of hers cause she throws it on her bedroom floor and then puts a nice wet towel on top ! that really does get on my nerves !

    i really cant be bothered to struggle out side today ,so tumble dryer you will be well over worked today lol :) !

    hugs xxxx

  • well thats good ,i cant wait for my lot to do their own washing ,that sounds heavenly lol ,

    ive got my heating on aswell ,seems so rediculous dosnt it ,in june for goodness sake ! :) lol

    hope you worm up soon hun ,hugs xx

  • Why not treat yourself and take it to the laundrett, meanwhile off to do mine lol

  • haha yes and i would get away for little while aswell lol but i think it would cost an absolute fortune the ammount i have lol :)

  • Sorry Lynz but I've been avoiding mine all week and I can feel it sulking and glaring at me from the laundry basket !

    I'm ignoring it for another few days yet , or until Rich's socks start walking to the machine on their own. Yeeeewwwww :)


  • lol yes mine was doing that aswell ,but i must admit mine was starting to walk to the machine by its self as it had been there a fare while lol ,

    ive now got that cartoon in my head ,the one with micky mouse and he is a wizard ,and he casts a spell to do all the work ,cant remember what its called ,do you know the one i meen ?

    i dont know ive lost the plot ,im now talking about mickey mouse !

    its all that washing its sent me mad lol :-P xxxx

  • Lynz you have lost it :P xxxxx

  • i think me and you know i never had it in the first place lol :-P xxxxx

  • hi lynz just catching up with the blogs today and after reading yours, if i were nearer to you i defo help out but cornwall is a bit too far away lol!

    but as we have a sml kitchen in this bungalw we bought a washer/dryer combo and it is brill especially ,-wonder if you have this on your machine, - i can pre-program the machine for up to 9hrs delay to starting it cycle which i do for every load i have by loading it in last thing and setting it to start for 7:30am. it means its ready either for hubby or anyone, to unload and hang out to dry or put o the airer.

    the other 'treat' my hubby bought me , well actually hires for me is a dishwasher. Its heavan sent! we rent because we couldn't afford one out right at the time he felt i needed it (hubby trys to wash but they aint clean blesslol!)

    Any way good luck with getting through it all

    thinking of you , hugs poppy xx

  • thanks poppy :)

    im nearly there started twelve hours ago ,having seven of us living here there was quite a lot ,that will teach me not to leave it that long in future lol

    i would love a dishwasher ,but havnt got anywhere to put it :(

    but it would be heaven sent ,my children would think so too cause i make them help me out ,lol ,

    hugs xxxx

  • Oh no, you've reminded me when I was still in that Sunday morning lazy mood. I can hardly open the bedroom door!

    Whippet x

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