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What could be causing my pain?

I'm in so much pain again today that it has completely consumed me and made me unable to concentrate on anything. It seems to be around right hip bursa and gluteus tendons which I put down to my hypermobility syndrome and previous hip surgery...but added to that is awful sickening pain around the sacroiliac joint, which will catch and grind. I've had a back MRI before, about 3 years ago and was told that everything was fine and any back pain was muscular, but I dont know if this is likely to have changed in that time. I'm taking round the clock pain killers (tramadol and codeine) as well as Duloxetine, amitriptilyne and anti-inflammatories, but get no relief. I was wondering if anyone gets similar concentrated pain around a joint rather than sheer muscle pain with Fibro? The thought of having to just live with this for the rest of time is making me feel so very depressed. Thanks

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Hugs. I have been having increased pain lately and was wondering if it being aggravated by the fluctuating weather. Hot, cold, rain then sun. When I get pain in my joints I find Volterol extra helps and also using my TENS machine.




Thanks Jilly, I've got the Voltarol but haven't tried my Tens on it, I must give it a go! Do you get crunchy joints with Fibro? Xx


Nothing like as bad as that. I get both knees but sure its not fibro. 1 is osteo arthritis and the other is artificial joint. I sympathise completely with your last sentence and hope the answer is NO. Had a bad night and been busy all day, just tanking up on meds so hope to sleep tonight. Gonna watch an episode of Sharpe then PMR and bed. I was hoping the improved weather would help. I think it is for me - so far, but maybe it's just the sunshine makes it nice to go out. I'm trying a preparation from pound**** that has some tried and tested ingredients but it's early days - and pound**** is pound****. I have voltarol gel but don't mix them. You just reminded me to heat up my lavender scented wheat shoulder pad. I don't use hot/cold gel packs as they lose heat too quickly. I know you're not supposed to have them on more than 10 mins but I find that's hopeless. Hot water bottle gets used as a cushion on the back and left glut and I'm reasonably sure that's not in the bone. That gives relief only when it's there but better than nothing.

In summary, yes, some concentrated pain but not really like yours.

That doesn't really sound helpful. I hope you get some relief soon. x


Hi Shiny1

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way at the present time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I understand completely the pain that you are going through, (due to my recent surgery), and I have both full empathy and sympathy with what you are experiencing.

As your pain killers are not working at all for you, I think that you should discuss this matter with your GP, just in case there is something else going on there, or at least to put your mind at ease.

I can really understand how depressed this must be making you feel and I genuinely wish that I had a magic wand to help alleviate your pain and emotional trauma at this time.

Please keep us all up to date with how you are get on with this problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I'm sorry that you're in so much pain today. Believe me, I know exactly what you are going through. Remember Fibromyalgia is basically a disease of the muscles and not the joints nor the discs in one's back. That to me is an entirely different sort of pain too. If you believe that your back muscles are tight, you can try taking a warm bath, that helps to relax them in some people. When my hip bursa act up I try heat, and/or a local analgesic rub. If I have a Lidoderm patch, I'll definitely use that on me. I think the Lidoderm patches work the best for pain right under the surface. It's just unfortunate that they require a prescription and that they cost so much (unless you have a good health plan). Even so, check with your Doctor as soon as possible. Good luck.


Your joint may be infected especially if that hip surgery was a hip replacement. Bacteria really like man made materials in the body. Schedule an ortho appt asap if that's thecase.


I'm really sorry to read about your symptoms , its life destroying , im going through the same thing , they reckon mines to do with my c section in my neck , how many of us have had our benefits stopped or reduced ? even though animals are sometimes treated better than us , I hope things get better for you , its nice when you can go on a site like this , and people you don't know , treat you like a long lost friend , and that eases the pain , im going on a pain and disability course on Wednesday run by the NHS in Leeds , ill let everyone know how I go on .


I have the same pain and turned out to be inflamation with fluid in joint. My Rheumy gave me steroid injection in joint. Has helped a lot.


If there is any redness or increased warmth, I wouldn't waste a minute! Hope by now you have answers and treatment prayers for comfort! So sorry you hurt. I am at same place and hate anyone has to feel this.


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