I have just read

Hello all my fibro friends

I have just read that the latest, research in America has

Stated that they feel that fibro is genic and lays dormant

And may all ways remain this way unless some thing happens

To wake it up like a car accident or stress in our life's,

Anyway the have found that COQ10. 300mg 3 doses a day

Over 3 months has a very good effect on fibro just wondered

If anyone has tried this also stayed about Vit D but I think

Most of know that already its suppose it be the wonder Vit

At the moment

I would be interested to have any comments on this

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  • It is has been known for some time that there is a genetic susceptibility element to Fibro. That doesn't mean that if you have this genetically increased risk then you will definitely get it, but that you are at higher risk if close family also have it or have related conditions.


    There is some evidence that CoQ10 can help with Fibro symptom management.

    Vitamin D deficiency is generally considered to be quite widely under-diagnosed in the western world, especially if you include sub-optimal levels of vit D in that. As the symptoms are similar to that of Fibro, Fibro can mask vitamin D deficiency and a vitamin D deficiency can also appear to make Fibro symptoms worse.

  • Hi Lindsey,my g.p laughed when I asked for my vitamin D to be looked at.

    I then got a phone call from her aking me why I had wanted it done,and I told her it was because EVERY bone in my body hurt,and had read up on it and it rang alarm bells.

    Outcome is my level is only13 and healthy level is 50.I am now having a bone density scan done.

    I sometime don`t feel I fit fully in the fibromyalgia camp,but get a lot of help from the site.

    I have the chronic fatigue and brain fog,but also have sjogrens which give these symptoms,and my joints are warm and red which is inflamatory.

    I don`t see my rheumy till July,it`s been a long wait since first being diagnosed in January this year.

    Hugs butterflyxx and thanks for the interesting sites you put on here.

  • Thank you Lindsey I get so fed up with people disregarding

    Fibro like we have made it up it would be just great if the

    People who research fibromyalgia. Found, and stated the


    I work with medical people who completely do not recognise

    Fibro which makes life very hard with a flare as people tend to

    Think that you go sick for no reason

    I did know about Vit D as all the patients in my unit tend to

    Be put on them but I did not know about CoQ10

    I have just looked this up and it's very expensive in the mgs that

    Are recommend so I will give that one a miss I think.

    Thank you Viv

  • ok i have to ask what is coq10 ?

    nice but dim as well as gentle dyslexic hugs xx

  • lol me too ,no idea what coq10 is ,hope someone tells us :) xxx

  • Lexie, you aren't alone in that either. I'm dim and dyslexic too, but more clumsy than gentle;))

  • hi my hubby takes Co Enzyme Q10 supplement is this the same?? it says on the bottle its used by the body to convert food into the energy which the body uses as fule. it is thought that this vital nutrient may help to support cardiovascular funtions for overall heart health. if it is the same thing i supose i could start taking it. soft hugs to all,xx

  • Hello

    Every one I have not a clue what half of these things are

    I don't know if it's just to get people to buy the vitamins, I did

    Have a look on the net it's very expensive for the amount

    That we are supposed to take

    I will not be giving a go, if we tried everything that was supposed

    To take I would have no money left

    I read a report on the net under research into fibromyalgia, it came

    From america it said that it had found that it worked for people

    With fibro the trouble is there is so much stuff on the net, but

    Under fibromyalgia research and this years date it's interesting

    It almost makes you think that some places are realy trying to

    Find a cause and the right medication

    Any way good luck and gentle hugs


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