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Sometimes I just want to scream!!!!

Need a little rant and thought this was the best place for it. So so sooooooooooo fed up today with having fibro I am generally a positive person, but how I miss working, especially as a certain web sight I go on has got a few RMN jobs up that would be a challenge and I just know I would love them. Arrrrrggggggggggggggggggg, but as usual all full time and mainly on the wards I don't want much, just a nice RMN community Job part time, can I ever find that no, I work so hard over the years to get where I am only to get there and my fibro decided its time to become well debiliated I just want to be the old me more arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg.

Thats better now I got it out if you know what I mean, thank goodness for this sight smiles and hugs xx

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Im in the same boat with you. I feel rhe same way. Why me why now. What did i do to deserve this. Ive always helped people. Now i need help ben to 10 doctors. And still cant get any help or relief. I love life. But now i have no quality of life. Not fair. I just want to give up.


don't give up lv, I am doing my best to stay positive, I am lucky I have a great doc, next time you go stand your ground and make them lissen, you paid your NI and you deserve to get good care. I know its hard it takes all we have just to get up in a morning, but I am determined to change things around, I'm going to start looking at my diet, a few others on here seem to be doing the same thing, I realise there no majic wand, however if I can make my life more comfortable its got to be worth a try. smiles and hugs xx


have a good scream ... throw a tantrum then pick yourself and try and rememer how special you are xx

i would hate to see any one give up on them selfs

gentle dyslexic hugs


Lexie your so lovely, would never give up on myself lv, life to short as it is, as i'm sure we all do a little rant from time to time clear the cobwebs out so to speek smiles and hugs xx



thank you


Oh Lexie i've just seen this response, I am so sorry i certainly didn't mean to make you blush, I can see how it would look on the rant, so please accept my apology if I made you feel that way.

smiles and hugs xx


Sorry to hear you are feeling like this,but can I be dense and ask what RMN stands for :-)

Hope a good old rant has made you feel a wee bit better.It`s so frustrating this fibro that it should go down as another symptom of this rotten syndrome.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


Butterfly your defo not dense Registard mental health nurse, it is frustrating from time to time something else or someone will say something that just makes you over think. My lovely son who is still at home (due to having asperger/ a condition thats come under the autistic spec, so communication can be challenging, and not in a horrible way hurtful) 'mom don't you feel your training was a waste of time as you can't do the job'. Bless him. told him never say never its just going to take some clever imagination to find something ideal for me xx


Tess don't be too hard on yourself, we all feel like ranting and screaming sometimes. That's the beauty of our forum here, we all understand! It's natural to feel frustrated about the effect Fibro has had on your life and how you miss working! I've been exactly the same, I could have screamed from the rooftops!

Try to accept that how you feel is perfectly understandable, it's all part of trying to accept how much our lives have changed.

We are always here for you, take care. :)


You get it out hun, that's what we are here for xx


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