I just remembered i have a question,

How foggy is that!

i went to another doctor in our practice and he has given me some Meloxicam

7.5 tablets, they are to try for a month , he says he wants to be sure i have fibro, but the doctor i usually see said i did have it and that i didnt need to see a specialist to diagnose it, has anyone tried these tablets and what about my diagnosis? i would appreciate any views. thanks.x

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  • Meloxicam is an anti-inflammatory, so not really for Fibro though a lot of people with Fibro are on that kind of medications for related issues (e.g. tendonitis).

    The issue with diagnosing Fibro is that as it has so many differential diagnoses (things it could be instead of Fibro) with similar symptoms, so many comorbid conditions (things happening alongside Fibro) with similar symptoms and no definitive clinical test, it can be difficult to ensure that nothing else is going on. That's why lots of tests need to be done and if you have any signs of something else, you need to see a specialist (e.g neurologist) to rule them out.

  • thanks Lindsay, do you think if i say i would really like to see a specialist ,that i will get a referral? or is it totally down to the doctor?

    also with the meloxicam, i was told to still keep taking the co-codamil, so i am not thinking they are doing much, (forgive spelling)

    thanks again x

  • Hi Susie - you can request a referral - and you have the rights within the NHS constitution ( a legal requirement for NHS organisations).


    "You can ask your GP or another healthcare professional for a second or further opinion (an opinion about your health condition from a different doctor). Although you do not have a legal right to a second opinion, a healthcare professional will rarely refuse to refer you for one."

    If the GP refused a referral you have the right to make a comment or complaint and could ask who to direct you to in order to address your concerns.

    This is the link to the full document but it is also available in easy read which is a great quick reference guide



    Hope this helps

  • thankyou so much suzy, yes thats a big help, i get in the surgery and feel i can never have time to get anything sorted as i have thyroid and other probs too, so once again thanks, xx

  • Hi Susie! It sounds like you need a second opinion regarding whether you have Fibro or not and also a correct diagnosis so you know where you are. So often we are passed from pillar to post without anyone actually saying anything, it can be so frustrating can't it. It is often compounded if we have other conditions as well. Hopefully then you can move forward with a Fibro diagnosis, the correct medications etc. I hope this sorts out for you really soon, take care. :) :)

  • Bless you libby, thank you for your kind words, i have an appointment for the 29th so i will definately persue this further,

    you take care too, hugs xx :)

  • I takevmeloxicam 15 mg a day I could not walk at all without it xx

  • you are the first person i have heard is also taking it, i have been put on 7.5 for a month to see how it goes, i was wondering if you have been diagnosed with fibro, as the doctor who prescribed them for me said he wasnt sure,

    thanks for your info, hugs x

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