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Just had my appeal for DLA

Just had my appeal for DLA and it was adjourned until a doctor came out to my house and see how i cope,does anyone know what happens please and do I have to go back to the appeal.

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hi yes, you will be sent a date for the tribunal hearing once the doctor sees you. to be honest this is the best news because at least they can see you on your own teritory and ou wont be so anxious.

hugs poppy xx


Thank you so much poppy,you have made me feel a lot better,lots of hugs annex


They are a complete waste of time the Atos lot make sure you record the meeting as person assessing you will lie and cheat as they did with me I am now waiting till Christmas to have my case heard at Tribunal. I have fibro plus chronic Torticollis & Bi-polar disorder. I can not bath ,shower dress or undress without help and I as mentioned will have to wait till December for a tribunal hearing they are saving money because of all of the disability cheats out there. Sorry for being negative but its the truth.



I know its terrible, the stress they put you through ,i have fibro, and arthritis,and find it hard to do a lot of things like you my daughter will be with me so i will have a witness if anything like that happens,thanks for the advice,hugs anne.


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