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DLA appeal

Hi , I went for my DLA appeal and apparently because I am on the support group on ESA and they say I cant walk 50 yards and the doctor said I can walk 400 yards, this has confused the tribunal and the lawyer has adjourned the case and is sending the case to a judge and a new date will be sent out to me for my appeal. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and how did they deal with it.

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what makes your doctor say that?

have you got the benefits & work info as there is a form in the back [pg 60] that you fill in and give your dr so he can answer the dla's queries.




This was the doctor who did my medical for DLA it was the benefits one, and in which I appealed and got a phone call from the works and pension who asked me questions and I was was put on ESA support group. I also had a DLA appeal in and, it was at this one it was noted that works and benefit were contradicting each other, it could only happen to me. I have to find proof that FM and OA with anxiety are all recognised by the medical and government bodies.

All help gratefully received



someone posted an official link for fm being recognised a few days ago. try asking it as a question.



thanks will do


If you would like the Benefits and Work info sheets on ESA and DLA, we can send them to you for free if you email us on

I hope you find these helpful.

(((hug))) xxx



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