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Hi, ive got my appeal tomor. I was just going threw my paper work, my condtion has got worse. I wrote a letter to the appeal saying how my needs have changed. But im dreading it. My Son is coming with me.

I have fibro, which i didnt know i had when i first applied in Sept 2011. A lady from Atos came to my house in jan this year.

But so much has changed. A dr from the derm clinic has written to the appeal in support of my appeal.

I have psorisis. fibro, cronic megraine. psratic artheritis soz spelling.

Just hope i win. What do you think??

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good luck xx


Thank you hunni xx


good luck roxyroo, iam waiting for an appeal date, ive been turned down before but wont give in could u tell me wot atos is please. wish you all the luck in the world x


The Goverment have got Atos doing the medicals for DWP. They dont always use dr they use Nurses. Also some dont know any thing to do with fibro.

Its threw some of them that people are getting turned down, and told to look for work. Thank you for wishing me good luck hunni. xxx


Good luck, try not to worry..just be honest you have nothing to fear and everything to gain, I sometimes think they rely on people just going away, I would say appeal, and appeal and appeal...((((((hugs)))))) xx


Thank you hunni, I will let you know how i get on. Hug & love to you. Helen xx


Good luck hun,

I am just filling in my appeal form and it has to back on the 1st of july, its so scarey.

hugs, kel xxxx


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