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EASY DAY :) :)

Today my sister wants me to go to her beauty room to answer the phone and just take the money which is nice as i chat with the clients and just sit ther and relax for few hours as ther is nothing else i can do lol . then i will probably read up on her new machineas she putting big spred in the local paper in the next 2 weeks so i want to know all about it s i know what to say when people call about it !!!!!!Just hope my fibro dont kick in then i am in trouble lol !!!

So that is pretty much my day really by the time i get home it will be bout 2pm so will prob feed my doggy walk him anf then go and sit with my kindle on the bed and relax hope you all got an exciting day love diddle xxx

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well your day is much more exciting than mine diddle ,have a lovely day xxx





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