Lazy day today!!

Today i promised my friend I wouldnt do any more this weekend and although i briefly chucked everything out of sight in cupboards lol so it looks tidy, and i cooked the chicken i have played my word games, i have been in hers a couple times where she makes me relax, i put a bet online and i popped to the shop briefly around the corner.

I had an hour nap, watched a film and now gonna chill out for the rest evening.

Tomorrow i am only cooking dinner and nothing else as well.

But boy is it hard not to do anything when there is so much to be done??

Saying that my legs and back are hurting bad as i been in my friends and her chairs are low so im not sure i will be able to move much anyway tomorrow.

Hope everyone else having a peaceful weekend.

hugs to all. xx

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  • i think i need a lazy day , take care and hope your legs and back dont hurt too much xxx

  • o god I wish I could do this much. Just to tidy up and cook a meal would be a wonderful accomplishment for me but its too much for me even on the best of days

  • I dont have a choice i have no one to do it for me and it stresses me to see my room so messy.

    I put the chicken in the oven and the room was full of smoke, luckily the skin was just burnt and the chicken still looks exible. Usually i am not allowed to touch the cooker but my son cant cook roast in the oven and our slow cooker broke.

    So now i done it i am suffering but hey it had to be done.

    Meds and bed here i come, not that i will sleep but always hope.

    Nite all. x

  • edible even, see im tired lol.

  • if u are struggling that much, contact adult social services at your local council. I qualify for 3 care calls a day as even though I have no choice, I cant do these things myself. Its worth looking into, even just short term it may help

  • bless you sound like me i am desperate for some sleep but feel so guilty going up and laying down for some sleep lve to you diddle x

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