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Fibro Fog

Hi everyone

Just interested to know how the dreaded fibro fog affects some of you. I have some very bad days at work where it takes me forever to complete a task. It was very noticeable last night when trying to write a reference for someone. One side of A4 took me about an hour and at half!

Do many of you suffer with this and if you do, are there things you have tried to lessen it?


Tuscany xxx

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I wish I knew a way to lessen it, the other day I was tidying up and as I put a few things into a storage basket I suddenly thought 'I didn't know there were penguins in there!' when the word I wanted was actually pegs. I am getting so frustrated by not being able to recall words or remember what I was supposed to be doing that I am going to make a gp appointment to see if there is anything that can be done, in case it is a side effect of my meds which is making it worse.

I will be following this with interest.

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It doesn't take me that long but longer than I normal would and I wondered why, I just don't seem to take anything in and feel a bit fuzzie!!!


Hi , that's me today , beginning of week at work I cannot remember passwords and simple tasks take ages as I just become blank .takes me until the end of the week to literally come around . Feel so tired. Done a lot of research into nutrition and although I have always been active and into good nutrition I have upped my super foods intake which really helps . X


Fibro fog is terrible, I can't think straight! Thinking of the right words or forgetting what something is called. I also get very forgetful, I forgot my daughters parents evening and forgot to collect my sons medication from the chemist, meaning I ran out over the bank holiday and had to call out of hours doc. And having words with my other half he's better at remaining me about stuff and making sure I write things on the calendar.

I have also noticed my mental arithmetic is slower than it was, makes me mad as I know I can do it in my head, I sometimes forget to take my medication on time of forget to reorder my repeat prescription on time. I feel like an old lady with dementia! I'm only 33

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Hello Tuscany :-)

Appreciate what you say about the dreaded fibro fog and experiencing some very bad days at work - yet I also admire you working and your great spirit.

My sense is that the fog shows-up most when reaching or exceeding natural limits of our energies, do you think that could also apply to you?

If so, rather than offering to 'help' getting-through the fog, my approach would be to suggest gradually looking at the structure of my /your /our environments - and tweaking a bit differently to reduce this happening in the first place.

Gor example, I'm gently wondering whether applying careful pacing and boundaries might help a bit here...perhaps more radically than you've been used-to?

Not necessarily to 'push-through' but rather to listen to your body and energy and then decide how much to (agree to) take-on as really fits your true energy levels.

Sometimes saying 'no' is the hardest thing for any conscientious person...and choosing timing according to your own priorities, (rather than another's) may feel unnatural and even quite 'selfish' yet can be really essential protection for your energy.

I learn how this sometimes takes a bit of gentle negotiation around expectation-setting with others.

One example, might be accepting to do the reference a day later in daylight hours rather than pressing-on through the fibro fog?

Does any of this make sense or chime with your situation, I wonder?

There's such an art to pacing and boundaries, as I'm personally learning all the time.

So far (after a lifetime of stretching energy without a second thought) I find that it helps the body to sustain a regular rhythm where possible, staying within the real and repeatable energy 'envelope' of the week, rather than stretching to the max with little or nothing to spare. I don't know if that feels at all familiar to you, but its easy to do in a lot of work environments.

So It might just be that you are used to exceeding your energy by a little bit each day, and pulling-back a bit may help for the longer-term?

You mention that you were writing the reference last night, and that makes me gently wonder about when your start and stop times are for the day...and whether you have agreed anything with your employer, perhaps?

I realise you may mormally dash-off such an A4 reference in 20-30 mins or less- but you did well to get it done, considering.

Could it be that your fibro fog came to say 'enough for today' and ask you to take some pockets of conscious rest?

Not easy, I realise, yet hope one or two ideas here may feel a relevant approach. I'm curious and interested, in what you think?

Best wishes,

Rock Rose xx


This fog is getting worse for me. I began to think I have old timers disease (I am 55) and saw my GP who dismissed this. I cant find things I have put down, I forget what I am saying half way through a sentence and have to write down everything down. Even when I go to the GP I have to write down why I booked the appointment and what questions I have. I think half of it is down to how well I have slept or how much I have had to do. I had to give up work recently because I had a highly concentrating job which I was no longer able to do efficiently. Genlte hugs Joolz.x


I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing Fibro fog, and I genuinely hope that it does not happen too often for you. I tend to get quite forgetful and wonder what I was supposed to be doing?

All my hopes and dreams for you



I think we all suffer from brain fog. A prime example was just last week. I was sending a message to someone on this site and didn't realize that I had made loads of mistakes. I also often have problems remembering how to do things and can remember what people have told me. A good example of that was yesterday, it was my day off but I had to pop into work. I thought I had been asked to run the shop today but my boss said she had asked me to run the shop tomorrow instead. I had completely forgotten that she had told me. Can't believe I had forgotten something that she told me on Saturday.


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