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fibro fog help

is there any help for fibro fog, all the docters seem to do is palm me off with painkillers, but my fog is so bag i can feel myself turning into a vegtable!

i did the food shopping the other day an i was stood there trying to remember how to pack the bag, it seems like the most complicated thing that id never done before, an bcause it dont 'look' like theres anything wrong with me, people dont seem to care

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I have had fibro for at least 18 years all told and there is not much I can suggest for the fog. I carry a pen and paper along with my mobile for when I forget who I am let alone where I am.

Over the years I have learnt that people do just expect me to be normal as I look normal what ever that is so now if I am struggling I just ask and explain in simple terms that I cannot work out what to do in a situation and I have found the majority of people will help and we usually have a good laugh about it to. I have been in the bank and forgotten how to sign my name and now they just laugh it off. A sence of humour really does go a long way. Oh and I do also have my name and address written down in my bag, not quite had to sew name tapes in my knickers yet but you never know might get to that point. Giggle.


lol, yeah i cant live without my phone, i write in the diary where an when i have to be every day, even things like go to see a friend, i feel well bad i need to have to fit friends into a diary

my kids call my phone my brain, so when it broke last week they thought it was hilarious that i was brain dead!

i do try an laugh a lot off but just lately iv noticed its getting worse an its so frustrating that i just wanna cry


My worst time with this was Christmas, it took me weeks to wrap the presents as I would sit there, pick a present, get the wrapping paper, wrap it all up lovely, get the gift tag and sit there looking at the present, I had forgotten what I had wrapped lol

I am famous for Christmas, sending out wrong presents, forget who I have got presents for. Its a nightmare. My friend would come and see me and I would be so excited to tell her something, she walks in, I go guess what? all excited, I start to tell her and she has this look on her told me that last week she would say lol. I forget whole conversations.

The only way I can deal with it is so laugh.

Yeah it is very frustrating. xxx


I suffer with all the above problems with the fog and most of the time i can just laugh about it. My family and friends are well used to me by now and although it sometimes makes me frustrated i try to just muddle along. What is really upseting for me is that i cant remeber a lot about my childrens milestones such as school plays, important events in our lives seem foggy and thats if i can remember them at all! My lovely hubby who is very supportive is suggesting buying a little hand held camcorder for me to record special things or just for the family to leave me messages about whats going on at the moment...sounds good but knowing me i will forget where ive put the blooming thing or pop it in the dishwasher like i did with my blackberry whoops!


Ahhh, charlii, wot a lovely idea your hubby had. It is very annoying, frustrating and upsetting that we forget things.I live in a kind of constant dreamstate every day, all day.Its a very weird feeling and hard to describe properly. I too have to make notes and carry a diary, but forget to look at them!! Theres no hope for us is there??!!!! But a sense of humour is what keeps me going I think. Umm....wot was I saying?....wot was the question??...............................................


Oh dear I hope the fog will not get worse.Sent a new baby card and gift to my god daughter in Birmingham, knew after posting had done some thing wrong, but couldn't think what. found out later it went to her sisters in Norwich .Why do people not understand I thought it funny ,but apparently not so.


An interesting article about Fibro Fog and the effects from our main site FibroAction -


thanks libby x


My pleasure Ema! :D


Hi...I'm Barbara....a sufferer of FM & ME/CFS for 18 years. I also suffer from fibro fog. For some reason the Propranalol (beta blockers), dosage 2 x 40mg tablets which I take for keeping migraine at bay and for slightly raised blood pressure, seem to help. I eat breakfast, usually instant porridge, sit quietly, read the newspaper and look at my emails. Afterwards I sometimes go back to bed for an hour and relax...or if I havent slept well, I might doze. My sleep patterns are out of sync...especially in low pressure weather, as is the pain and the brain fog. I definitely feel the propranalol helps me but I still have brain fog for several hours. I tend to shop at night as I'm much more alert and relaxed at night.


yes my brain seems to work logically just as i go to bed, i think thats because its the only time i dont have to think, right i got this to do that to do, ooo i better not forget that, an this ooo an that!


Hi emadavies,

I've had the dreaded 'fog' right from the start, in fact it one of the first symptoms I noticed, before I was diagnosed.

I have a big 'white board' on the wall in the kitchen, so i don't forget appointments, then I forget to look at it and I have a huge A4 diary that I don't think I've remembered to put anything in so far this year.

I have two things that really work for me. I have a bum bag that I wear all the time. I keep a notebook/pen and my mobile in it, so I can write things down as they come into my head, like items for the shopping list. I use my mobile to record alarmed appointments and take photos/videos

The second thing is a walking stick, whether I need it or not on any particular day and sometimes two. It indicates to other people that you might need help and produces a far more sympathetic approach by them, especially in Supermarkets.

I hope that helps a bit

happy hugs, kate :)


mine started with agonising headaches that made me collaps where i noticed my memory dissappearing! docters response was 'DONT WORRY'! seriously think he needed more training!

so after 3 years i finally got to see a rhumatologist an was then diagniosed!

been left with the gp ever since (different one, but still hes not sure what else he can offer me)

diarys are useless as i forget where i put them down, or iv never got them with me when i need to write something, but since i got a blackberry its tuned into my brain, lol, every little thing is in there.

i got more hassel when i started to use my walking stick, because i have pains in my arms i tend to keep swopping sides, so i kept being attacked for faking it!


I can relate to what you say about your walking stick Ema. I abandoned mine for the same problems you had. I have Tennis and Golfer's Elbows in both my arms and using a stick hurts my arms. I got so fed up keep swapping arms, that the stick went back in the cupboard, I manage better without it now. :)


i like the security of having something to support my balence but having to hold a grip on it hurts!

altho through the colder weather i carried my long umbrella for support, that was handy


I carry a long handled golf umbrella in the Winter to use as a support and also for the rain! :)


lol, takes a lot of hard thinking when it does actually start to rain whether i use it as an umbrella or keep using it to walk, lol


I'm terrible with fibro-fog - I was always a bit scatty, but there are times when I appear almost drunk. My boyfriend joked that, with my painful legs, I'd need a stairlift - I told him: the speed those things move at, by the time I got to the top of the stairs, I'd have forgotten what I went up for!

Sara xx


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